Wine & Denim

Howdy soon-to-be readers!

Today’s Friday, which seems awfully fitting for my first post, yes?

Is this your first time here? Of course it is. It’s mine too.

Wanna know more about what the heck I’m doing here? Read this!

So onto the outfit of the hour.

I’ve been looking for a nice fitted Chambray shirt for some time now, and while this one doesn’t have all the hypothetical bells and whistles I’ve been longing for, it’s got some shape and I think I like it. My, ahem, endowed chest kind of screws me in the button-up shirt department. I’m always swimming in the ones where the boob-button doesn’t snag, but when the shirt fits everywhere else on my bod-ay the boob-button looks like it’s gonna snap off into outer space. So when it comes to button-ups my modesty depends on either a safety pin or cami. Today the cami won.

These jeans are far more wine-colored in person, I promise! But I’m still trying to figure out the most flattering way/light to instruct my ever-patient hubs to capture these precious moments. And in time hopefully I’ll look a little more easy-breezy and less scared-scare-crow.

Pictured here is also the best tote-ever, 31st birthday gift to myself, which I actually love more each and every day!  If you’re a seasoned what-some-random-stranger-lady-is-wearing blog reader – you might recognize this beauty from Kendi Everyday (whose blog and OUTFITS are AMAZING!  I want everything she ever wears and I want to look like she does in clothes!).  I think the reason my love is ever-growing for this bag has something to do with my discovery, while I was Pinterest stalking her the other night, that she was carrying it in almost every-other post.  So basically carrying this bag brings me just one step closer in being as perfectly polished as Kendi.  Baby-steps, yo.

So with denim on top and on bottom, I’m basically rockin’ the Canadian Tuxedo, with a twist. All paired with a fantastic tote.


Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: AG Skinny Ankle
Boots: Kork-Ease Michele Boot (that I can not find for sale anywhere now :(!)
Purse: Madewell Transport Tote
Watch: Timex pleather edition (sears?)


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