Jumping into Coral

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Happy Monday from the newsroom bathroom!

It’s a beautiful day here in Northern California – and since I’ve gotta be cooped up in the office – I figure I might as well dress the sunshiny Spring part.

A little coral on the stems and cobalt on the trunk.

In any event, I’m a little late to the colored jean trend.  I’ve eased in slowly… started with army green this fall, took a stab at burgundy over the winter and now come Springtime I’m jumping in with both feet –  in coral.

I really wanted to start my adventure a couple years ago with mint, but could not find a pair that fit me well. (Side note – I recently acquired a pair but am still figuring them out – I think a trip to the tailor is in order).

I feel like colored jeans can be hard for us curvier types, especially when our legs are on the shorter side. I’ve always been very proud of my legs, while far from long and lean, they’re shapely, athletic and I’ve got some killer calves – and all this comes without cankles!  Huzzah!

I really believed colored skinnies would be a sure thing, my legs looks good bare so why wouldn’t they look good wrapped in tight mint denim?

Excuse my French, but holy shit! was I ever wrong.  Somehow, my well-sculpted, tanned, smooth legs would slip themselves into  pastel denim and come out looking like wrinkly, stubby, cave-man clubs!

So let’s just say my life, thus-far, in a colored denim world has been a cautious one, so coral is a pretty big deal.

I decided I needed coral jeans right on schedule with the rest of the world.  Kate Middleton wore them to something, somewhere, it was photographed, ‘pinned’ on Pinterest and a trend was born.

At first I ordered a pair of Seven for All Mankind in a color called “Apricot” which I thought sounded coral enough?  Wrong.  It was neon orange and I looked like an uncomfortable Popsicle. So those went back.

Then I remembered a friend telling me about DL1961 jeans, so I took a gander on their site and found the pair I’m wearing here!  Jackpot!  They’re actually jeggings, so they have faux-front pockets which I don’t love.  Not that my hands spend a lot of time in my pockets, but I just like the option of having them there, just in case.

But other than that, I love them!  The material is thick with just the right amount of stretch!  And they don’t bag at the knee!  Even by the end of the day!  I mean they wrinkle a little, but wrinkles I can live with, it’s the bags that I hate!  They’re supposed to be ankle/cropped length but as you see here I had to roll them up since on my 5’5″ frame they went a little past my ankle.

I really want to figure out how to pair these with flats… but right now when it comes to bright denim I feel like wedges and heels are my only ticket out of stump-town.

So far I’ve worn these pants with two shades of blue, last week navy and this week cobalt.


This outfit started out sans-cardigan but I felt a little too bright and clubby (not that I have any clue what people wear out to the clerb) so I added this oatmeal shade of cardigan to kind of tone it all down and make it a little more work-friendly.

So there you have it folks!  I’m a muted Spring flower 🙂

Jeans: DL1961 Emma Jeggings in Spring
Blouse: Target (2 years ago)
Cardigan: LOFT (1 year ago) plenty of similar styles
Shoes: Seychelles Gale Force Wedge
Necklace: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant


2 thoughts on “Jumping into Coral

  1. Magpie you look so cute and I am BEYOND jealous of that bag. (of course – bag soul sistahs forever)
    Those jeans are so cute on you! I got a coral pair of skinny jeans in my stitch fix but they were too tight, I was bummed. 😦 They would look cute with so many colors – gray, black, white, but also purple maybe? Red?

    • P! You’ll have to go on a quest for the perfect coral skinnies!
      I have actually been wanting to try them next with red/white stripes 🙂
      I see them getting a little of wear this Spring/Summer.

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