Today I wore a skirt

So naturally, not even a full week into this “pants” blog I decide to wear a skirt.

Which while doesn’t happen very often, isn’t totally out of character. I love wearing skirts! But I am unnecessarily picky and particular about not only what skirts I’ll wear but how I’ll wear them. I love the look of a a shirt tucked into a skirt, and pretty much find it flattering on all women, except for moi.

I’m small waisted and wide-hipped so in theory it should work. But I don’t have much happening on my rear – and more than I’d like in my belly. So I need to find skirts that while slim, don’t hold onto my mid-section for dear life.

This skirt, almost fits the bill. Except it sits a little lower than my high waist, so when tucked in – that whole accentuating your waist thing doesn’t quite happen.

I had planned on wearing this skirt with my new chambray top and leopard wedges, but on a whim I decided to try this shirt, pictured above, along with the chambray and went to the hubs to solicit his opinion. And really, what man doesn’t LOVE helping his wife decide on her outfits! So obviously, he was PUMPED to oblige.

He picked this option, and of course I questioned him to the death about why he liked the floral one better, in fierce defense of the chambray. Did he not like the chambray? Did it make me look fat? Of course it matched! Should I take it back? Does it make me look like a line-backer?

See, helping your wife pick out clothes is FUN!

In the end floral option numero dos prevailed and I’m so glad it did! After seeing it in pictures, I love it even more. And have already gotten a handful of compliments at work. Yay for having opinionated husbands!

Also it’s 91 degrees up in this biz! And I want to be at the beach, or the park, or the pool, or the patio of a place that serves margaritas and nachos! And because I can’t actually be outside on this gorgeous sunshiny perfect pool and margarita day… I’ll continue to bring hues of Springtime to the newsroom.

Skirt: JCrew Factory (1 year ago)
Shirt: LOFT
Shoes: Seychelles Gale Force
Tote: Madewell Transport Tote


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