A Monday Kinda Friday



I’ve had the last couple days off since I’m working this weekend. And I used those days to do all those things I was daydreaming about Tuesday – I went to the beach, the park, the pool and sat on a sunny patio with by hubs to enjoy margaritas and nachos.

It was a glorious mid-week weekend! And since the sun has been hiding behind the clouds all day, I’m only slightly depressed to be back at work.

And besides, tonight is Indian Food night at work, which is a tradition I spear-headed a month or two back – and something my belly looks forward to all week!

Today’s get-up isn’t anything monumental… if it was a “Pin” it’d probably be captioned something generic like “Great classic weekend wear!” or “Simple casual!” or “OMG doesn’t this girl look exactly like JLo?”


But sometimes simple, classic and casual is just what the day calls for.

And in case you were wondering what I was wearing yesterday on my glorious patio-hopping adventure, I won’t make you wait any longer!

photo (1)
More skirts! I think I’m feeling a trend starting… this skirt may be a tad too short for work… Standing, it works fine.  But when I sit down, it inches up a tad too much for my professional-comfort zone.

Both this skirt and top were purchased on eBay.  I’m a big eBay fan, and often find great deals on more expensive brands.  Although when I do shop there, I make sure I’m familiar with the brands and know how they fit. I also rely a ton on the seller ratings to make sure I don’t get ripped off.

And with the exception of a crappy set of very fake “MAC” makeup brushes, I’ve had great luck on eBay.

Outfit 1:
Jeans: Citizens for Humanity Straight Leg (3 years ago?) similar
Blouse: JCrew similar
Shoes: Blowfish Straw Wedges
Necklace: Casted Pea-Pod (NYC Farmers Market 7 years ago) similar

Outfit 2:
Skirt: Polka-Dot JCrew Mini
Shirt: Joie Blouse
Shoes: Gianni Bini Sandals (A whole lotta years ago0


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