Minted Under the Fluorescent Light

Oooof… bathroom selfies are something else aren’t they.

Today was all sorts of frazzled and our household was not running on schedule or on time… so the beautiful outside natural light photo shoot did not happen.

So here I am under the always flattering bathroom fluorescent light… snapping away as quick as I can before someone up here in the sales department busts me taking selfies in their nicer bathroom with the fancy full length mirror.

Speaking of sales people… today my outfit makes me feel very sales-person-esque.

Maybe it’s because it kind of reminds me of this outfit of Audrey Hepburn’s that I am envisioning… even though I’m not sure it actually exists?  I’m seeing cropped black cigarette pants and a collard sleeveless button-up?  Am I totally making this up?  Anyway, I feel like it’s an outfit she’s worn, and then I think of the 1960s…. which makes me think of Mad Men (even though they’re in the 70s now) and that makes me think of sales-jobs.

And so there, I feel like I’m dressed like a sexy sales-lady! Sexy executive-sales lady! I’ve even got my power shoes on!

Power shoes that I was hell-bent on finding after obsessing over on NineThirtytoFive! Each time my dear Paloma would rock her leopard wedges my feet would yearn to have their own pair!

The exact ones she had were clearly not meant to be because after hours of internet research/obsessing I couldn’t find those damn Jessica Simpson Leopard Wedges anywhere.  But I found a pretty good version over at Anthropologie.  And they cost way too much, as does everything Anthro, but after I found them my heart continued to grow and my feet continued to yearn… and about three weeks after first finding them I bit the bullet and clicked “add to basket!”

This top is also Anthro… but Anthro sale-rack where it had sat long enough to come down to a reasonable price. And lucky for me, something on their sale rack not only fit (I swear I’m Anthro’s average size customer because they’re always out of my size when sale-time comes ’round!) but looked good! Although this mid-section tie thing is kind of random… but it works… so I’m not gonna question the powers that be.

Oh and these pants, I’m convinced are the best not-too-fancy work-work pants EVER! LOFT. WINS. EVERYTIME. in the work department at least.

Pants: LOFT Marisa Ankle Straight Leg
Blouse: Anthropologie Mauve Weird Tie Blouse (similar, similar (polka dots!))
Shoes: MaraisUSA Leopoard Wedges (almost exact and SO MUCH CHEAPER – these were not around when I bought mine)


4 thoughts on “Minted Under the Fluorescent Light

  1. Mags! You look so cute! And you did not imagine that Audrey Hepburn outfit, I can envision it too!

    Sadly, I am on the hunt for leopard shoes again since my beloved J.Simp ones are beginning to fall apart! 😦 I really hope I can find the same ones again, they are the BEST shoes!

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