Where’s Waldo?

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When I first sent my Mom the link to this bloggity-blog her response was…

“Not sure why anyone but me your and family would want to track your wardrobe unless it is about venting about wardrobe challenges?”

And she might be right.

But I explained that lots of these kind of blogs were popping up lately, and those of us who follow (or track) the wardrobe of total strangers, is to gather inspiration.  Or at least that’s how I roll.

I didn’t really get these kind of fashion-but-not-fashion blogs at first either.  That is until I stumbled across an outfit I liked… and another… ohhh and a pair of pants… and a handbag… and a pair of leopard wedges… oh and that color combo!

So while I’ve been dressing myself for quite some time now… these stranger-lady-fashion-bloggers help me in the process.

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Today’s threads are inspired by Kendi over at Kendi Everyday

The post was not only inspirational – but educational!  Apparently flare jeans are BACK!  Which is the SHIT!  Because A) these puppies are flattering on all the ladies!!!  and B) I bought 2 pairs of flares 3 falls ago – but was clearly a bit ahead of my time – because while I loved them they weren’t quite back “in” and I always felt a little out of place wearing them.  I think fall, 3 years ago was a STRICTLY skinny jeans and boots era. And unless it involves illegal parking, I’m not big on breaking rules.

So, when Kendi let me know that flares were back in, I was like hell-to-the-yeah!  And happily dusted these bitches off! I have a color pretty similar to what Kendi’s wearing too, which I actually wore with this same top to my birthday dinner a couple weeks ago, but decided to switch it up today with the ink-bleeders.  Which will inevitably turn my hands blue by the end of the day.

Kendi inspired me to buy this top too… which miiiiight also be a by-product of reading stranger-lady-fashion blogs.  BUT while it was like $78 on BB Dakota – I found it for like $41 at Dillards! Holla ‘atcha online sale yo!

These are also the most controversial shoes I have ever owned.  Controversial because every one of my friends, except maybe my Pooey (aka Amanda) hates them?  Or, actually she might hate them too? Anyway all the homies hate them but I love them.  Sometimes, we can’t, just all get along.

photo (4)

Apologies for the feet photo… but I just want you to see the root of the debate.

Jeans: 7 for All Man Kind (similar splurge, Kendi’s splurgesave)
Top: BB Dakota Stripe Top
Shoes: I don’t remember but I love them no matter what anyone says
Necklace: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendent (You’ll see I wear this one a lot… a wonderful Christmas gift from my <3)


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