An Upside Down Flower

photo (5)Another Monday-feeling Friday ’round here.

My mind hasn’t quite adjusted, and since I don’t know if this change is permanent or not, I’m not sure how adjusted I should get.

Still reeling from too many years working weekends in college at dumpy bars and loud restaurants – I’ve come to see Saturdays & Sundays in my professional life as semi-sacred – so it feels kind of wrong to work them.  But my husband works weekends, so these Weds & Thursdays off give us full days off together! Which has been pretty fantastic… and maybe even fantastic enough to get over whatever feels so wrong about being on the clock those couple of days when the rest of the world is off.

That little tangent has nothing to do with my outfit.

I don’t really have anything clever to say about my outfit, although I am convinced it looks better in person than it does in photographs.

I’ve added a leopard scarf to this at work, because while it’s all sunshine and roses outside – it’s a freaking freezer up in here. I like A/C as much as the next sweaty chick, but I don’t think anyone would melt if they’d keep the temps in here just a teensy bit less frigid.

We’re back in Spring pants with an army green blouse! So I’m kind of like an upside down flower.

Pants: DL1961 Emma Jeggings in Spring
Blouse: JCrew
Shoes: Seychelles Gale Force Wedge 
Necklace: Forever borrowed from a dear friend named Boo-Bear
Cuff: Somehow bribed above friend to let me have this… don’t remember how



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