Black on gray on denim

photo 3We’ve got some maternity going on downtown and regular biz uptown.

I’m not sure if it was the bloating, or my treating french-fries like they were a legitimate vegetable… but around 10ish weeks my pre-pregnancy work pants decided they had had enough french fries… and refused to fit. At this point my jeans still fit… thanks to that handy-hair-tie trick but the clasps on my work pants weren’t as accommodating. I had heard good things about J. Crews maternity line – but wasn’t totally down to spend $98 dollars on maternity pants.

And thanks to eBay, I didn’t have to. I know some people are wary of eBay, and I too have gotten burned by a case of the fakes. But sometimes you’ve gotta open your heart back up and realize not every seller is a fake-MAC-makeup-brush selling bastard. And with that one exception, which I’m totally not still angry about, I’ve always had great luck with eBay.

So a few “J. Crew Maternity pants” search clicks later… I stumbled across the Minnie Pants NWT (new with tags) for 1/3 of what they’d cost me at the store.

They always say to order your pre-pregnancy size, but I actually don’t own any J. Crew regular pants… so I wasn’t quite sure what my pre-pregnancy size was. I’m generally between a 6-8 and so given my expecting growth I went with the 8.

I maybe should have gone with a 6, since these are just a touch big in my hips/thighs…. but nothing terribly obvious. After a couple days, these pants do stretch out more than I like, but I’ve heard that’s the case with most maternity pants. Although besides that, I’ve gotta say these pants are really well made.

The rest of the outfit is pre-pregnancy stuff.  The button up doesn’t quite button like it used to… but should probably get me through at least another couple months with one button.. after that this top will likely only work open and free. Like a bird soaring into the sky!

I was thinking I’d cut the tampon dispenser out of the first photo… but then thought I’d keep it to emphasize something I don’t have to worry about for awhile! Holla!

Bump Status: 17 weeks (this photo/outfit is from last week)

Top: Banana Republic Chambray (non-maternity)

Undershirt: Conversation Pieces gray v-neck (non-maternity)

Pants: J. Crew Minnie Maternity Pants via eBay (check eBay first!)

Shoes: Urban Outfitters Pump (I guess UO decided to quit selling their one and only non-hideous shoe because I can’t find this style anywhere… but see everyone loves them!)


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