Xander Bump

babyHeya! So here’s the dealio. I started this blog to talk about how I do casual-work wear. I figured taking photos and blogging about my threads, would inspire me to keep it stylish and not totally fall into the jean-loving frump wagon I’ve found myself in before.

But then I kind of disappeared for a month or two… or three. Recently I’ve found myself in sort of a weird place clothing wise. And by weird place, I mean TIGHT.

A little baby boy is squatting up in my uterus.  He settled in about 18 weeks ago, and well because I like the little guy I’m letting him stick around for a bit, feeding him, growing him… ya know the usual.

And as Baby Xander grows… Momma grows too. But you know what doesn’t grow? My existing wardrobe. Nope, those things just stay the size they’ve always been.

So, I welcome you to a new blog about putting some clothes on, when you’re preggers.

And maybe outfitting, photographing and blogging this clothed-journey will inspire me to resist the mumu, figure out how to still wear some non-pregs clothes and figure out a way not to spend a bajillion dollars on maternity clothes. Oh and hopefully give you some ideas too!

If you’re so inclined following my Maternity Style Pinterest Board!

And in case you were wondering here are some of my favorite knocked-up bloggers – who also blogged before and after making babies. I’d love to find more, so please feel free to leave your favorite pregnant bloggers in the comment section!




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