New Denim Horizons

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When it comes to jeans, I’ve never been much of a bargain-shopper. Since I can remember, when it came to denim, I would get a pretty bad case of the “GIMMEs” as it pertained to whatever type/brand/style of jeans were in style.

In Middle School I was drawn to the oh-so-flattering JNCO’s – with their wide legs, long back pockets and cute little JNCO brand patch I was on top of the world! And whenever I’d frequent the local head-shop a few blocks from the Santa Fe skate-park I’d be sure to stock up on the coolest patches I could find to further decorate my boxed leg denim.

In High School I was all about showing my ass-crack in the most low-waist pair of Abercrombie jeans I could get my hands on. Hollister, Abercrombie’s cheaper/sluttier sister-store, got me through my senior year of high school and maybe a year or two into college.

Somewhere into my college golden-years when I was working slanging drinks (I opened budlights and poured $2 jager shots) at the douchiest bars in the Southwest (not-including anything found in Phoenix) a friend told me about 7 for All Mankind. At the time, I was making more than enough money selling my soul and again, it was college, so my over-head was pretty low, so spending stupid amounts of money on jeans seemed like a fantastic idea! I guess that whole “savings account” idea hadn’t dawned on me yet. So smart young Maggie was.

And from then on… my appetite for pricey denim took over. 7, Hudson, Citizens, JBrand, A&G… you ladies know the drill.

Before I got pregnant, I could not wait to buy designer maternity denim! Look how cute all those super-famous ladies looked strutting their bump in all that fancy blue!

But then I got pregnant, and realized I’m not a millionaire and babies cost money.  And I’m not just talking about diapers and daycare. I was about to list off all the stuff you have to buy/pay for/budget for when pregnant but then I got anxiety and sweaty… and I figure if you’re pregnant or have kids you already know. And if you don’t… there’s plenty of fear-mongering in this world without me adding more shit to your “to worry about one day” list.

So when it comes to maternity wear I’m trying my best to keep it cheap and practical! And in my quest for the former… I’m opening my denim horizons!

Now, to clarify denim is pretty much the only item I regularly used to splurge on. Target, Forever 21, H&M etc… have long been a favorite for pretty much everything else. Sure, I like Anthropologie as much as the next broad… but the older I get the less I remember those fancy perfect smelling Anthro wood walls…

Wait, what were we talking about? Sandalwood candles, vintage hangers and $80 tank-tops?

Oh yeah, jeans! Cheap pregnant lady jeans! HELLO TARGET! Liz Lange for Target to be exact. I went to Target yesterday for a pet-gate and trash bags and came out with that stuff AND this super cute and great fitting pair of white maternity jeans! I figured the additional purchase was justified because these were $35!!! And at least on my radar when it comes to jeans that is CHEAP!

  • Also, I should note that this was the only extra thing I bought at Target. All those stupid Buzzfeed lists have got me on a kick to prove a point when it comes to Target.  And I’ve been impressing myself in my ability to stick to my list.

Side-note, these happen to also be the same white-maternity jeans I see so often on my favorite pregnant blogger!

Today was kind of my debut, I’m pregnant outfit, at work. Granted most people already know, but I haven’t worn a ton of tighter tops, so the belly has still been mostly hidden. But today, I let him out to play! And ya know, I think Baby Xander likes this whole letting it all hang out thing.

Happy Monday folks!

photo 1 (1)Bump: 18 weeks today! Baby can hiccup and yawn… which probably means he can burp and fart too… although the baby websites like to keep shit fluffy.


5 thoughts on “New Denim Horizons

    • Thanks PP! It’s pretty nice 🙂 Although it can be dangerous on lazy days and also frustrating when you see the madness some people think is still acceptable. (Man tanks, flip-flops, and did I already say man-tanks?)

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