Is she… or isn’t she…

After 100 bathroom shots this was the best...

After 100 bathroom shots this was the best…

I feel like my outfit today is one that will keep some of my co-workers on their toes. While most of the people who work night-side at my station know that I’m with child… it’s a big place with all sorts of crazy shifts… so there are still more people who I don’t work with as closely with, who likely don’t know.

If I were an anchor or something fancy… sure everyone would know. It’d be the talk of the town! But I’m a little lower on the totem pole so most people are still trying to figure out how the hell I pronounce my last name.

And basically the only time it’s even semi-acceptable to actually ask someone if they’re pregnant is if you’re a cute 3-year-old kid asking a pot-belly man about the baby in his belly.

I may have done that… and maybe it wasn’t actually acceptable at all. But the dude did have a pretty substantial belly.

For instance, if you’re say at a bar and your bartender is wearing a flowy top and you seem to think she has some sort of “glow” it’s seriously NOT COOL to ask her if she’s pregnant. It’s also not cool to order like a dozen lemon-drop shots either. And if you do ask her if she’s pregnant in the middle of busy-Saturday she will get you kicked out, even if you try to say something about how she was “glowing.” Because she wasn’t glowing, she was sweaty and maybe a little bloated that day and you ordered a bajillion stupid fancy shots!

Although maybe, just maybe, the bartender got her karma for asking a fat man if he had a baby in his tummy 20 years prior.

So… yeah this outfit y’all see here is kind of a tricky one. There’s still a bump, but it’s kind of hiding beneath a blouse that in another week or two will be part of the “can’t wear” collection.

The blouse you see here is as you might imagine a non-maternity one… I’m trying to get a couple wears in of some of my favorite non-maternity pieces before Baby Xander takes them out with his super-human like growth inside my belly.

And speaking of stuff about to be temporarily expired… I have a hunch these shoes will make it into that pile down the road too. Apparently one of the extra sexy side-effects of carrying a child is fat feet! I don’t know when it happens but I’ve seen photos and it’s straight up disgusting… and I’m pretty sure around the same time your feet become bloated sea urchins is the same time you need a foot rub on the regular. Which basically makes your significant other the luckiest person around!

These pants however, are my latest pair of work maternity pants. I’ve got 2 pairs now, a black skinny pair and this navy bootcut pair. These are from LOFT and so far I really love them. I ordered my normal LOFT size, and they seem to fit pretty well, maybe a little baggier than I like in the hips but they’re still flattering and I think they will give me some room to grow! LOFT has been my go-to work wear spot for awhile so I was super excited to see they had pregnant lady clothes. So excited I even signed back up to get their stupid emails so I would be alerted to sales! If you’re a LOFT lover you know they’re always having sales and they’re always amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever bought something from LOFT full-price. It’s really a beautiful thing.

maternity wear loft/banana republic

Bump Update: Same as yesterday, plus a day. He’s the size of a bell-pepper… so basically at this stage he’s a key ingredient to fajitas and I LOVE FAJITAS!





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