Hey Good Lookin’ (Denim)

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Thank the heavens… I got a photo outside today. That bathroom lighting made me look much sexier than I should be advertising on the internet, given that I’m with child and all.

So I realize I’m only like 19 weeks into this game, but in case anyone was looking for maternity clothes advice from yours truly… I want to emphasize how, no matter what your pre-pregnancy denim taste was, you should NOT spend big bucks on designer maternity jeans. And these words of wisdom have nothing to do with saving money, although obviously that’s a clear incentive, but at least in my experience my cheap maternity denim fits SO SO SO SO SO much better than the fancy pairs I’ve tried.

Maybe I already said this but I have one pair of AG maternity jeans I was given and another pair of Citizens I found on eBay. Sure, both were used, but pretty minimally. The AG jeans are OK, but the belly panel is loose and the cut is so low… so I constantly feel like my ass-crack is exposed. Which it is, although the belly panel covers, so while it’s not actually out for the world to gaze upon… it still FEELS exposed… which I’m not a fan of. Because the panel feels so flimsy, and the cut feels so low, I am constantly pulling them up. Maybe as I grow bigger the panel will feel tighter and hence the jeans will feel more secure… but meh… overall I’m just not impressed. Although I do like those better than my Citizens… which have an even looser flimsier belly panel and these tiny ass pockets which make no sense!

target maternity jeggings & old navy maternity tunic

I mean when you’re pregnant you grow, it’s not the other way around. And while some woman only grow in their belly, I think it’s fair to say most woman find that their entire body changes. They adjust to carry and deliver a baby, which typically means overall expansion… and likely as your belly and hips expand so does your rear.  So why exactly would you design maternity jeans, presumably built for “growth” with unusually tiny butt pockets? I worry this is some unsaid “accepted” truth of maternity clothes. When I was playing around at  A Pea in the Pod a month or so ago, I did what I usually do when trying on clothes, specifically pants, I looked at myself in the mirror from the front and then turned around and took a peak at what was happening in the back. A sales lady asked me what I thought about whatever I had tried on, and I mentioned not liking how the small pockets seemed to make my butt look like an awkward box.  She then, very casually, told me not to worry because you never show your butt while pregnant anyway. And then I started to notice how almost all maternity tops are long, I had thought it was to accommodate a growing belly but is it also to cover up your pregnancy butt?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this is kind of a bummer? I mean I know it’s an adjustment to see your body change and we woman are so trained to see “growth” as a bad thing… but I love me a good nice shapely rear! And if I want to show off what pregnancy has done to my previously non-existent back-side, I certainly don’t want to wear pants that do my new asset such injustice. So just as woman have grown to embrace their growing pregnant bellies (gone are the days of the shapeless pregnancy mumu) I say we embrace our growing rears! And hips! And boobs! And hair! And boycott any sort of clothes that don’t flatter our life-creating bodies to the fullest!

*** Sidenote: I also highly encourage “less-flattering” sweats and t-shirts… because they are comfortable and being cozy, pregnant or not, is as bad-ass as it is sexy.

That tangent went a little longer  than I intended… but I think my points been made re: fancy maternity jeans. So while your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans might suck big-time when maternified… good news is Target and Old Navy are stepping up to the plate to make you look good.

I raved about my white Target pair last week, and am gonna rave about this Target dark-wash maternity jegging now! These jeggings are so comfortable! The fabric is thick and the denim high-enough in the back before the belly-panel takes over. And the belly-panel fits great! Keeps these standing up all day. And most importantly, these babies look good! They’re super flattering both in front and from behind. They’re a tiny bit long on me (I’m 5’5), but I think they still look cute rolled up so no trip to the tailor is needed. Even more exciting, these are only $30. So wins all around for Target maternity jeans round #2.

My top here is from Old Navy, and I can’t wait to accessorize this come-fall. I see this exact outfit, add boots and a scarf in the very near chillier future. At this point the top is a teensy bit big, but still flattering. I think once Baby Boy gets bigger, this will fit perfectly.

These shoes, I’ve worn before on here and are my absolute favorite. I really hope these continue being as comfy throughout this pregnancy because they really make me happy

target maternity jeggings, old navy maternity tunic

Bump Status: 19 weeks, according to “Baby  Center” Baby Xander is the size of an heirloom tomato which I think is a terrible way to describe anything besides an actual heirloom tomato. Have you seen those things? I mean they are as delicious as the nectar of the Gods… but aesthetically they are pretty funky shaped. So I think in this case I’ll go with “The Bump’s” far-less horrifying fruit comparison – a Mango!


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