My favorite jeans and my favorite top from my least favorite store


photo (6)

The photographer requested I growl… so “Rawr”

Yesterday I was all black and blue and so today I thought I’d balance it out with some white and cream.

Wearing another Target jean favorite… I have a hunch these are gonna see a LOT of use before Labor Day comes round and tries to nix all my whites. (But in this day and age is that still a thing? No whites after Labor Day?)

I really really really hope Ms. Liz Lange for Target starts making these in other colors… because they are the best. I want to wear them all of the days and nights. Actually, how long post baby can you still wear maternity jeans? 6 months? 6 years? Forever? I really hope it’s the latter.

Speaking of Forever, this top here is one of my favorite, and only, Forever 21 purchases.  A few posts ago, I mentioned Forever 21 among the shops I frequent and my hubs was quick to remind me that I actually hated Forever 21. And he’s correct, which means I sort of lied before. Sorry. But my friends always seem to have great luck at Forever 21, and I do really adore the stuff they find there. But whenever I go it’s like Katy Perry threw up everywhere.

Every other “room” seems to be filled with things I hate. One room is the neon fringe room, another is a shrine to pleather, in the corner there is a tribute to Ann of Green Gables: The Stripper edition, then there’s a section to cater to those grungy gals who want their flannel without having to give up their crop tops… oh and of course the very random men’s section.

But every once in awhile, usually in the slutty Ann of Green Gables section, you find a couple gems. Which is where I found this top last summer. I think in the pleather devotee room I found the same top in black… so I scooped that up too. But because Forever 21s clothes are all artfully hand-made, the two while the same size, fit totally different. The black has been too small since Baby Boy began to bud, whereas this one seems to have another couple weeks of life!

Target Maternity white jeans and Forever 21 cream blouse

So there you have it, I actually hate Forever 21. But I love this top, it’s currently snug black sister and pretty much everything my friends have scooped up from there.

photo (5)

Bump Status: 19 weeks, 1 day. Same delicious fatty Mango as he was yesterday.


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