Maternity Copy-Cat

Old Navy Maternified

So in case you all haven’t read Putting Me Together, let me just throw a shout out to one of my favorite style-blogs out there right now. My friend Paloma of Nine Thirty to Five turned me onto it awhile back,  back before the lovely Audrey was with child.

But lucky for me she’s gotta  a baby in the womb now and, through her blog, has been guiding me through the daunting world of maternity wear.

And because I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin as a copy-cat, I have maybe more than a few items that I bought after reading her blog 😉

This top is one of those items! And I feel like this cardigan is something she might wear with this top too.

Hi Audrey! If you’re reading this I promise I’m not an actual stalker, just an internet one which is far less creepy!

With child or not Audrey, has a great blog with lots of fun outfit ideas, so you should check it out ASAP. And an added bonus if you do have a bun in the oven… she just posted this super handy maternity-style guide today!

These Old Navy Slub-Tees she turned me onto are fantastic! They are the best basic maternity tees in my humble opinion. They are super flattering and look like they’ll grow with the bump quite nicely… annnnd they’re cheap! Half of the options are almost always on sale… and even if you do happen to pick an option where you pay full price you’re only paying $15.  This particular one is a scoop neck… but I think for my bosom (which OMG seems to be growing fast) I actually prefer the v-neck version.

My jeans are Old Navy too! I tried about 4 pairs of Old Navy mat-jeans the other day and had mixed results, but these were the winner. These, so far, are my only low-panel mat-jeans… I know a lot of woman usually prefer either the low or high panel variety… but it’s too early for me to vote on that issue.

Old Navy Maternified

Bump Update: 19 weeks, 2 days. At 19 weeks iVillage says the little one’s testes and penis will be clearly identifiable but I’m proud to say little Xander had already sprouted his man-hood and displayed it to us (via sonogram) at 15 weeks. And since we’re on the topic of body-parts… do you see how giant my boobs have become? I mean they’ve long been the opposite of small… but I am a little scared to see just how big they’re gonna get… stay tuned!


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