Just Say No To Drapes

Loft maternity skinny jeans

Today is just not working for me. Or should I say this outfit. This top here is a non-maternity that I’ve had for ions, which given the flowy drapy thing happening, I figured would work out well as a maternity top.

And maybe it just doesn’t photograph well, but man it really doesn’t photograph well.  Especially on an almost 5 month pregnant lady, whose sharing her belly not only with a baby in this current moment, but also with a regrettable taco-truck lunch.

Side note… maybe I’m just a bitter sober pregnant lady but I am starting to think that taco trucks – no matter how many stars they have on Yelp – should not be visited sober. This is the 2nd time I’ve had a taco-truck lunch (in other words, not after a night of drinking) and just like this top, it’s not working for me. And that is really sad, because I really like tacos, and feel like I should really like taco-trucks in all stages of life. Sober or not.

But back to the top, I am pretty sure it looked good back in the day, when the drapes could fall free as intended and not be stuffed with my baby-carrying-body. But tomorrow, this top is going directly into my “not-right-now” space-bag and in the garage.

On the up-side, I do really like my pants! They’re a touch long and need to visit the tailor… but that hasn’t happened yet because I’ve been very busy not getting shit done lately. I am not totally sure how long these will last me because the denim has pretty much no-stretch… and the belly panel is a little snug… but I actually prefer when the belly panel fits secure. But not sure if what feels secure now, will feel like suffocation at month 8.

I also like my shoes, which you may remember from Monday. So maybe when I said this outfit wasn’t working for me I should have said, the top. Because that’s really the only rain on my parade today.

olive, black, leopard

BumpDate (this little play on words should be credited to my clever wordy hubs): Baby: 19 weeks, 3 days. Belly: 1 shrimp taco, and a few (a lot) bites of my husband’s asada burrito.








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