Half-Way There and All the Way Sweaty

target maternity jeans, old navy maternity top, danny hart design necklace

Today was running all kinds of late in our house. So a mirror shot in our guest room is the best I can do.

Our guest room, which is pretty much as barren as can be given that in 4 months this room will belong to little Xandies!

I no joke, wore all black the last couple days, so figured today I’d incorporate something a little lighter. We had a few day break from the hot streak we’ve seen in Oakland (hot for the bay which means it’s been 90), but today we’ve got bay-area highs again so I was a teensy bit worried about wearing this given my new found pregnancy-sweaty-ness.

Luckily my office is an ice-box, so my pits are safe.

Speaking of pregnancy side-effects, my husband bought “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and has been sending me lots of random messages informing me of some the more sensual parts of pregnancy.

Yesterday he informed me that my feet could grow a half to full size during pregnancy, and guess what… they might not ever go back to their normal size! Awesome right? Who doesn’t want to enter motherhood with Sasquatch feet!

And if that fun fact doesn’t want to make you yearn for babies, guess what else…

Sometimes, pregnant women experience increased chin and back hair growth! Score! I already knew the hair on your head grew faster when pregs, but now I can have a little chin stubble and back fuzz too! Count me in!

So that’s fun, right?

I bet y’all recognize these pants already. They’re my favorite ❤ and I basically forced my friend Cate to buy them too, she got the low panel version and is equally in love. So you see my friends, you should listen to me, because I am very wise. Like one of those old ladies who lives in a mysterious cave and people travel from all over, just to witness their wisdom. That’s like me!

This shirt is an Old Navy find, it cost like $3 on sale and it’s the best. I feel like I should apologize for never giving Old Navy a solid chance pre-pregnancy. I do remember several of their blouses being awfully boxy… but I think they deserve another not-pregnant chance for being so awesome maternity-wise.

Danny Hart Design necklace

So as you can see, I’m pretty happy with my top and bottom here, but what I really love is my new necklace! My crazy talented friend, Danny, made this and sells others just like it! You can follow Danny Hart Design on Facebook, Instagram (@dannyhartdesign) and you can BUY his goods on Etsy!

target maternity jeans, old navy maternity top,

BumpDate: 20 weeks, 2 days… which is HALF WAY THERE! This little guy is a small melon, which I guess means a cantaloupe or maybe one of those mini seedless watermelons that are SO delicious and convenient!? We got to see him on Monday, and he’s as darling as a creepy-poltergeist-ultrasound can be! Check out this handsome chiseled dude!

Baby Xander 20 weeks

And in case you’re wondering yes, he is raising the roof here with his tiny little man hand.




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