Friday Perfection

maternity casual friday wear

I really really love how this outfit turned out! Although truth be told, this is what I wore Friday. Today I’m dressed like a bag lady.

These are those inherited AG maternity jeans I’ve talked about before… they’re not my favorite… but at least in this pix they are looking pretty good.

The top is my new favorite Old Navy ruched neck v-neck and the cardigan is from Gap, maybe? In any event it’s from a very long time ago!

My friend Paloma has been in town this weekend with her darling youngest daughter, Vera, who is seriously too cute for words.

I’m really hoping Vera will be into younger guys, and Xander older girls, so that they can fall in love and get married. Or ya know, maybe have an awkward teenage sloppy kiss one day? Is it weird to encourage that kind of behavior in my future son? Hmmm… maybe… lets call this the first of many, sure to come mistakes.

But on another note it’s been so great to have Paloma here! She’s had two babies, and is basically a belly feeling expert! So she’s definitely taught me a thing or two about what to feel for when I’m trying to feel this little guy.

Oh also, today I’m pretty sure he kicked! Or punched me?

BumpDate: To come tomorrow! But today I’m 21 weeks!


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