Maxi-Dressing It


maternity wear without the maternity clothes

So I’ve never really hopped on to the maxi-dress train… even pre-pregnant I felt just a smidge too short to pull them off.

And once I got pregs, I was even more reluctant to fall into the maxi-dress rut. Maybe rut is the wrong word… but I guess for me… I thought just throwing on a long stretchy dress meant I was giving up?  But obviously, that mindset totally changed today when I actually threw on a long stretchy dress and realized just how comfy it felt and how cute it looked!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked how maxi-dresses look on other ladies, pregnant or not, but until today I wasn’t a big fan of how they looked on me.

This is a non-maternity dress (actually this whole outfit is non-maternity!), so I think my growing bump, gave the dress just the height it needed (at least in the mid-section) to look good!


I saw this super cute Pin a few weeks ago, which inspired me to give this look a try. Upon first look I thought the model was wearing a cardigan, but it looks like she’s actually rocking a blazer, but in any event I am now on the hunt for a cute short striped cardigan!  Although for now, this beige one will have to do.

And as long as we’re talking about things I want… now that I like Maxi dresses (pregnant at least) I want this Jessica Simpson one too!

I think this whole look would go way better with sandals… but I haven’t painted my little piggies in ions and am gonna keep them hidden until I give them a fresh coat of polish.


photo 1

BumpDate: 21 weeks, 2 days! I really don’t know how big he is, but I hear he’s as long as a carrot or a banana. According to Pregnant Chicken he’s the size of the world’s largest gummy bear. I am not familiar with this fancy gummy bear creation but if you are, let me know so I can meet it! And eat it!

  • Dress: Target, maybe 3 summers ago? (but here it is in Petite!)
  • Cardigan: LOFT last year (similar styles!)
  • Belt: I have no idea
  • Shoes: TOMS ballet flats (which I bought “gently” used on eBay… which kind of sounds gently disgusting… but whatever they were like $30 as opposed to $80… so I’m down with being gross for a good cause.)






5 thoughts on “Maxi-Dressing It

  1. Mags you look SO CUTE!! I could never pull off the belt-over-bump thing but you sure do! And yea you’ve gotta embrace the maxi dress…they were basically invented for pregnant ladies and are all I wore the last few months I had Vera in my belly.

  2. oh and PS that preggo lady pin is Sydney from the Daybook that I was showing you — shes got great style and is currently pregs again!

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