Picnic Pizza Pattern

Picnic table top love affair

Today I am sporting one of my favorite favorite patterns! Picnic table!

I have a dress in this exact pattern (see below) that I ADORE and thought I’d be able to wear pregnant… but apparently your ribs expand while pregnant and so the whole “zipping up” thing is not happening.

A little last minute Halloween party costume action.

A little last minute Halloween party costume action.

Here’s the same dress in red/white polka dots!

Although,  I feel like I see this type of pattern of table cloth less on a picnic table and more often in a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. Mmmmm… pizza…

What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, this shirt. Which I now think would look way better with some pizza sauce stains… because that would mean I just ate some pizza and that sounds fantastic right now.

If you live in Oakland you need to eat pizza at Fists of Flour! And you need to find me and bring me some.

If you live in Oakland you need to eat pizza at Fists of Flour! And you need to find me and bring me some.

So this little top is from the Gap about 3 years ago… and it’s actually never fit right. Pre-pregnant and now pregnant it was too tight (now way too tight) when trying to button up around my bosom. But pre-pregnant it was also weirdly loose around my mid-section… I had actually never tried this one button look before with this top, but maybe I should have! Because I think it might work even not-pregnant. Obviously right now the forces that be will not let any of these other buttons touch… but for now this one right under my boobies  is still cooperating.

These pants are from J. Crew’s maternity line, I bought them on eBay and they were way too loose around my hips around that first trimester, but I feel like they’re fitting much better now. Although they’ve got those stretch side panels and I don’t think I’m a fan. I feel like as I’ve grown I’m hanging over the sides just a teensy bit more than I’m comfortable with. Although given the open flow of my top you can’t really tell here.

Frank's Body Scrub

And in  a totally unrelated note, I am very excited about this new Frank’s body-scrub I bought! I’ve read some really fantastic (almost fanatical) reviews about this stuff and I can not wait to get it and scrub my scaly pregnant body down with it! I’ve read that it helps get rid of stretch marks and cellulite… which (please don’t hate me) I don’t really have… (YET). But I figure maybe some preventative scrubbing may help keep my stretching skin stay dope once this kid really starts blowing up.

picnic table pattern love

BumpDate: 21 weeks, 3 days! Parents magazine says baby should be 12.7 oz this week, but homeboy in my belly was 13 ounces last Monday so pretty sure he’s more like the 22 week Papaya this week.


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