Pregnant Black & White Cookie


maternity black on white

When you have kids, do you figure out a way to jump in gear when you gotta do stuff and not dilly-dally your life away? Even when I wake up early, I feel like I figure out a way to waste time and not get stuff done as quickly as I should.

Maybe it’s Facebook, or Pinterest or my Baby Registry? Or maybe its my love of squeezing my dog’s face and tickling his belly. Or nuzzling up to my husband and making him rub my new found Buddha belly. Whatever it is, I seem to spend most of my morning doing stuff that is not on my to-do list and then when push comes to shove and its time to get down to business and get ready for work, I’m always running 15 minutes behind. Not behind enough to make me late for work, but just behind enough to make me feel frazzled.

I realize come baby there’s gonna be a billion more things to accomplish in my day, but I’m hoping I’ll be frazzled cause I was actually getting shit done and not because I was looking through all 500 charm/pendents Forever 21 had to offer online and maybe buying this one along the way 😉

I know I should be relishing in my last few months of leisurely freedom -but I guess something in my head makes me feel just a teensy bit guilty about my dilly-dallying ways.

Side note… is dilly-dally even a word? Or is something my Mom made up to mean puttering around? Or as my hubby says, “ramizing” or maybe it’s spelled “ramising.”

In any event, Labor Day is approaching and while I still plan on breaking the rules and wearing these white jeans post-Labor Day… I figure I should get some solid rule-abiding wears in before I get all rebellious with it.

Enjoying a little black and white action here, and really wishing I had a new denim jacket. Like this one! Or this other one that my friend Emily has. I got this one in college and while it does the job I wish it was just a touch more finished and maybe a tad darker. But for now, this old school Gap number does the job.

Also, I swear this blog is not solely promotion for Paloma but check out this fun feature she’s in for Something Good! It’s talking about work appropriate wear for different jobs, and since Paloma is a lawyer she’s talking about fancy work wear! Ahem, I mean business casual. But definitely fancy compared to a a newsroom. I’ve yet to check this blog out more, but am excited to see what kind of other posts they have like this one!

maternity black on white

BumpDate: 22 weeks, 1 day! Now I know yesterday I said he was a spaghetti squash but then I saw Pregnant Chicken said he was the length of a Barbie doll. Well a Barbie, minus the huge boobs and androgynous lower half. So I guess that means he’s a Barbie doll length spaghetti squash baby boy!


2 thoughts on “Pregnant Black & White Cookie

  1. You look so darling! I can’t wait to hug you and squeeze that darling bump! Which sounds scary but is actually quite amazing because I have never had the urge to touch a belly with a baby inside!! xoxox

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