Fancy Lady Today

ASOS maternity dress

Hello summer babes.

Yesterday I worked an early shift so I looked like a hot mess at work and I kind of felt bad about it afterwards, so I figured I’d redeem myself today by wearing a dress.

When I first got preggies and my regular pants started to feel snug, I figured I’d just wear dresses all the time. And then I remembered, that even though I do occasionally wear dresses and skirts, I am a die-hard pants girl (ahem, jeans lady) and I always feel a teensy-tiny bit off in dresses for everyday wear.

I don’t “fancy” myself as a very “fancy” lady, and if I’m in a dress and not at a wedding, bridal/baby shower or funeral I feel like I’m trying to be “fancy” and it makes me uncomfortable, and itchy.

But today I let fancy caution go to the wind, shaved my legs (I foresee this task becoming more difficult in the coming months), brushed my hair and put a g-damn dress.

And ya know what, even though my belly is starting to look like Santa Clause and I am suddenly understanding what boob sweat feels like and – I swear to everything that is holy – my thighs DID NOT used to rub together this way, today I feel pretty and even a little fancy and I like it. And I think it’s thanks to this dress.

This is one of 5 dresses I’ve purchased through ASOS maternity. And 1 of 2 that I’ve kept. I bought a wrap dress from them first, and it was cute, but the wrap wasn’t quite as conservative as I would have liked and I was pretty sure that at 25 weeks sitting down would cause the dress to “unwrap” where it shouldn’t and show my lady business to the world.

And then in anticipation for my September Baby shower I bought 4 dresses to try on. This one I’m wearing, a French Connection one, this flowery one and this Mamalicious one. I’ll be keeping the first 2, most likely wearing the French Connection one to the shower and sending the other 2 back. I don’t even want to get into how unflattering the flowery one was… but lets just say it was awful and I’m sorry I didn’t listen to my friends. The Mamalicious one was a fan favorite (meaning when I sent my friends 300 links to various dresses they all picked that one as their fav) so I got it just to try, but I should have listened to my gut because as anticipated I looked like a frump-a-dump. Good thing ASOS has an AMAZING  and super easy return policy!

I really want to find a brown braided belt like the one Audrey sports so well and these shoes for this dress in the (very) new future. But in the meantime you get whatcha get!

ASOS maternity dress

BumpDate: Gigantic, gassy and happy. 22 weeks, 4 days.


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