Sometimes Waiting Pays Off

Target maternity jeans * Madewell tee * Seychelles Wedge
I am inclined to believe that my mirror here was at a skinny angle because while I’m still feeling relatively “fit” for being pregnant, I am not sure I’m quite as svelte as I look here. But hey, what the heck, it’s Friday, it’s been a long week! I deserve it!

I have longed over this shirt for ages and spotted it on Kendi Everyday a week or two ago, clicked on the link and sure enough it was on SALE! And last weekend, lucky for me, all sale stuff was an extra 40% off. So this once way too expensive $42 t-shirt was a sweet $17. This is a non-maternity shirt, but it’s a t-shirt, so I figured I was safe just sizing up. I was right 🙂

I think this is probably more of a casual weekend tee… but I did my best gussy it up with some accessories, a fancy up-do (as in I didn’t wash my hair today), my favorite mat-jeans (2nd time this week!) and some wedges for work! And voila we’ve got ourselves an outfit!

Hope y’all have a great Friday and an even better weekend! (Unless you work weekends, in which case I hope you have a happy weekday off next week!)

Target maternity jeans, Madewell teeBumpDate: 22 weeks, 4 days! I’ve only felt a couple, but this kid is officially kicking and it feels amazing!



One thought on “Sometimes Waiting Pays Off

  1. LOVE that shirt and you look so cute in it! non-maternity shirts in a larger size are the best way to go bc you can totally wear them postpartum…

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