New Shoes & New Boobs

Target maternity jeans * Old Navy maternity top * LOFT cardigan  * Seychelles wedges

I think it may be Murphy’s Law that when you wear white, you must eat or drink something red (or green or brown).

Or maybe that’s just me? In any event, today for dinner I brought some BBQ baked beans and chicken… which means I’ll be wearing a bib later. Sadly, it’s just a ghetto napkin bib, I’ve yet to find an adult bib to keep at my desk.

Thank goodness fall is around the corner! A good infinity scarf works wonders as a fashion piece AND a food droplet catcher!

I’ve worn a variation of this outfit all weekend, on Saturday it was a tad more casual with leggings, a looser white vneck and this same cardigan. On Sunday I got called in to work at 5 a.m. after a 6.0 earthquake struck Napa (I didn’t feel it in Oakland) and so I threw on that same exact outfit, just replace this specific cardigan with an olive green one exactly like it.

Seychelles Worth It Wedge - Seafoam

Today I’m still a little fried from my 10 hour surprise workday so I didn’t want to think too hard about what to wear. Although I did get these new shoes and wanted to incorporate them into my digs.

Forever 21 necklace


I feel like I’m rocking a quasi-Sante Fe bohemian look today… or maybe that’s just my necklace. One of my coworkers, who has never been to New Mexico, thought my hometown was just full of a bunch of ladies who surround themselves with crystals. And for some reason when I put this necklace on today, I felt like one of the ladies he had envisioned.

Adjusting my new giant boobs

Adjusting my new giant boobs

BumpDate: 23 weeks but belly aside… my boobs, my boobs are huge. I finally had to break down and go get fitted for a new bra Saturday and I am in the double-digits. DD, so the baby double-digits, but still DD! I am scared to death to see how National Geographic I become once these babies fill up with milk.

In other news, Baby Xander is as long as an ear of corn!

Which reminds me of my sister who as a tot could not pronounce her C’s and used to say “My name is Tarmen and I’m allergic to Torn and my Daddy’s name is Tom and he’s allergic to Tats.” To clarify, my sister’s name is Carmen, she was allergic to Corn and my Dad is allergic to Cats. She got my Dad’s name right at least!



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