New Mexico Dreaming

target white maternity jeans * old navy maternity top * loft cardigan * seychelles wedge * stella&dot rebel pendant

In less than a week James & I will be back home in a chile-induced coma, visiting our nearest and dearest in beautiful New Mexico.

The getaway can not come soon enough! I already have my first couple of days of eating all planned out! On Wednesday we will go to Castros with my Dad & Stepmom where I will order a bowl of red chile and beans add cheese and EXTRA onions. I will probably eat 1-2 tortillas with this. On Thursday we will visit our friends much-raved about food-truck, Bambinis with my Step-Bro and sister-in-law, where we will enjoy a Philly Cheese Steak! And on Thursday night we will go to The Shed where I will order blue corn chicken enchiladas add fried egg. And ya know, what pregnancy patrol police, that egg it’s gonna be runny. Deal with it.

And that’s just in Santa Fe, the Albuquerque portion of our trip is still an open window to magical deliciousness.

My unborn child and I are both, VERY excited.

I have a feeling there were will be many hikes and pilates videos mixed in between these feasts so I don’t break any scales come my Sept. baby check-up.

And while the food is no doubt a trip highlight, I am even more excited for our Bay-B-Que, thrown by my most amazing Poo-Love and Sister-in-Law ❤

It’s also the first time my family and friends back home will see me preggers, so in addition to all the eating and Bay-B-Queing, there will also be plenty of belly rubbing happening. It’s gonna be fantastic!

Now onto my threads. I’m not totally sold on this outfit. I think it’d be all good with dark jeans, or maybe a gray tee instead of a striped one? Not sure, the items on their own are all good, but I feel like together… I’m just not feeling it.

And also, I want a red maternity shirt. I love red, but all my red stuff is non-maternity and busting at the seams/buttons/cloth when stuffed over my pregnant body.

I really wish Old Navy made a ruched v-neck exactly like my gray one, just in candy apple red. Maybe next season…

target white maternity jeans * old navy maternity top * loft cardigan * seychelles wedge * stella&dot rebel pendant

BumpDate: So if I was 23 weeks Monday, am I 23 weeks, 3 days on Thursday or 23 weeks, 4 days? I’m getting confused with this week stuff. But I’m 23+ weeks, less than 3 weeks till I enter the 3rd trimester!







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