Baseball Game Casual

ASOS maternity baseball tee * AG maternity denim * target flats

Happy Holiday weekend y’all! I ask that you really lamp it up this Labor Day weekend, because your beloved blogger will be working both Sunday and Monday :/ Happy 1-day weekend to me… after a 6 day work-week.

But I can’t really ask for sympathy because I’m about to go on a 6-day vacay! Remember, all the chile I was talking about yesterday… ❤

Recently I stumbled across this blog, What I Wore, and while the author has plenty of great Daily Outfit posts she also had some really beautiful rundowns of her recent pregnancy. If any of you reading this are pregnant, looking to become pregs, or have babes I really encourage you to read these “What I wish I have known” posts.

They are refreshingly honest and just really beautifully written. She touches on a lot of subjects I think a lot of woman expecting can relate to, especially some of the mom-on-mom judgy shit you start to feel basically the second your partner’s sperm makes a successful entry. And while I do think a lot of that judgy/opinion hurling stuff comes from a good place – sometimes it’d be nice if your friends/family while concerned would just let you figure it out on your own.


I realize I probably won’t sleep through the night for the next 5 years, do I realize exactly what that means? No, of course not. But guess what, just like you did, I’ll figure it out too. And yes, I get that it’s gonna be hard to find time to exercise or read books or binge watch Netflix, and maybe I won’t find time, but maybe I will, neither you nor I know that yet. And really, with the birth stories, all I wanna know is if you pooped or not because I have some weird fascination with that part of birth, but the natural birth vs. epidural stuff, let me figure that out with my partner and my mid-wife just like you figured it out with yours.

Don’t get me wrong, here, I love to ask questions and really depend on some of my Mommy friends for advice (and even for the occasional horror story). But I always find it pretty crazy how any time we make a major life decision, whether it be a move, a job, a marriage, a baby… its like the opinionated flood-gates open up and there’s no place to run for cover.

But ya know, I get that’s just how it is. People will always have opinions and as long as that is true, you will hear about their thoughts. Because that’s just how many of us are wired. Again, I do believe more often than not that advice comes from a good place, so at least for now, while I’m still chilling in my 2nd trimester cool, I can smile and nod and take those opinions for what they are. Some of them will make sense for me, and some of them won’t. In the end it’s up to my hubs and I to figure that out.

So this post has taken an unexpected turn! Maybe this 2nd trimester cool is wearing off and I’m about to enter 3rd trimester weep-town? I should mention that I’ve been pretty lucky to have not experienced a ton of the more negative unsolicited opinions… I’ve got a pretty positive network behind me which is pretty remarkable. 

And now onto my SUPER Casual Friday outfit! I don’t know how this “I’m going to a baseball game” look would work in most work places, but it’s no thang in a newsroom. And that makes me very happy because these ASOS maternity baseball tops are seriously the shit. I have another one with black sleeves but it’s a smidge big, although give it a few more weeks and I think it will fit just right.

ASOS maternity baseball tee * AG maternity jeans * target flats

BumpDate: 23 weeks and 4 or 5 days! I still can’t figure out the math. I feel like I don’t really look too pregs from the front here, but yup, turn to the side and there’s BABY!








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