Breaking the Rules!

target maternity white jeans * old navy black tunic * seychelles seafoam wedges

Bump is a little hidden with that screen behind me.

Is not wearing white after Labor Day still a thing? If it is, I’m clearly breaking the rules here.

I am a pretty selective rule-follower, but more often than not the rules of fashion aren’t something I take very seriously. As you see here, I wear white after Labor Day. I’ve worn black with brown, sometimes red/white and blue are all worn in one outfit on days beyond Independence Day & Flag Day. And there are others, I’m sure. But chances are I don’t know that their rules, so it doesn’t technically count as breaking.

We are off tomorrow for 6 days in New Mexico. The trip is jam-packed and I really wish we could say an extra week and actually get some relaxing in! But the whole job thing tends to get in the way these days of long leisurely vacations. In any event, this is the last trip we will take before we officially become parents, so we’ll be making the most of it (well I mean as much as one can make the most out of a vacation when they can’t drink any margaritas :/)

So in case any of you are reading this are in a situation where you can drink a margarita, will you do me a solid and drink like 3 in my honor? Thanks!

BumpDate: 24 weeks, 1 day! Baby is as long as a delicious footlong sub with all the fixins’. Baby is lucky he is protected in my womb, because I am hungry and would love to eat a footlong sub right about now.

I’ll see y’all next week! When I’m back at work and out of yoga pants.





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