My other outfit is pajama shorts

maternity loft skinny jeans * old navy ruched v-neck tee * toms flats

So I think I’ve entered the “eff-it” stage of pregnancy dressing.

I know I’m only gonna get bigger but I’m officially feeling huge and therefore getting dressed in anything that isn’t based around my pajama shorts is a painful chore.

And on top of feeling huge, my hair which I like to keep in a medium-ish bob is growing faster than I can afford its upkeep, so I’m being forced to let these weeds grow longer than I like. I realize rapid hair-growth is usually a favorited pregnancy symptom but, at least in my case, I’m not down.

So my hair is up and I really just wish I was in PJs.

I should say my extra-frump-meh mood today could be a little influenced by the fact that we are just getting back from a trip home… but trip home or no trip home there is no mistaking the outrageous pop this baby boy has taken.

In other news, it seems as if the Outfit Post lady blogger is also with child! She did a really great feature showcasing some of Paloma’s outfits a few months ago, and has since been one of my favorites. Typically her outfits are a bit too dressed up for my particular job, but fall in line with most 9-5ers work-get up. I’m excited to see how she gets her bump work-appropriate!

I feel like this picture really captures my discomfort today :)

I feel like this picture really captures my discomfort today 🙂

BumpDate: 25 weeks, 3 days. Baby is the size of a rutabaga… a rutahwhat… yeah I have no idea. But apparently my uterus is the size of a soccer ball… although it feels like it’s the size of earth… as in the planet.


6 thoughts on “My other outfit is pajama shorts

  1. For the record, you look GREAT! But I understand the discomfort!! I’ll be 30 weeks on Wednesday, and my belly is rapidly getting in the way. I gave up on trying to shave my legs today… Ha, ha!
    Cute outfit, as always!

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