I do what I want

target maternity jeggings & target maternity top * loft boyfriend cardigan * jcrew red flats Happy Monday Folks! I’m feeling a little less sluggish today, which leads me to believe my blah-blah attitude last week had more to do with post-vacay blues. I am still feeling pretty earth-shaped, but hey at least my feet aren’t swollen (yet). We had a check-up today and turns out Baby Xander is growing a little ahead of schedule… which I thought maybe meant he would be a bit on the early side but turns out it just means homeboy in my belly might just be a big baby. Which truth be told, scares the hell out of my lady parts. But really, 7lbs or 9, pushing a baby out of your vagina is horrifying. (And for the record, I spent at least 5 minutes trying to think of a more eloquent way to phrase that… sorry I tried) In any event, I think now that I’m nearing my third trimester, I basically get a “I get to wear whatever the hell I want to work” card. Like I’ve said before, I can already  wear jeans everyday at work  and no one will think one way or the other about it. But typically I would try to incorporate a few slack/dress/skirt days here and there. But now I’m pretty sure it will be jeans all day everyday and maybe eventually some leggings. While I can’t make any promises this early on, I will at least try to resist the urge to wear straight up sweatpants. (Note, I said I will try. Last night I tried to eat 1 cookie, and instead ate 3, so “try” for me these days is used pretty loosely). Lately, these Target jeggings have been my go-to. The dark color makes me feel all slender in the stems and the belly panel is nice and secure without being suffocating. So while the white Target jeans were my favorite a few weeks ago, now these are. target maternity jeggings & target maternity top * loft boyfriend cardigan * jcrew red flatsBumpDate: 26 weeks!!! Baby is the size of Cauliflower, which is WEIRD because I did not know that last night when I made one of my favorite side dishes. Roasted Cauliflower with Curry Powder ❤ (Toss some cauliflower in olive oil, curry powder, S&P and garlic powder and roast at 400 for about 30 minutes, tossing around at half way mark).


3 thoughts on “I do what I want

  1. I totally want to run to Target now to buy those pants!
    (And at 29 weeks, I’m totally at the stage where I consider yoga pants to be dress-pants. Ha, ha). 🙂

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