Same jeans, different day

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Weird… I’m wearing the same jeans I wore yesterday… and likely the same jeans I will wear tomorrow.

They’re just so comfortable and that is very important to me at this particular moment in time.

And I mean, it’s not like I wear these on the weekend too. So even if I wear them Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday are reserved for stretchy things with drawstrings.

I want Target to come out with another color in these exact jeggings… maybe a more basic denim color or black or some fall friendly color… because then I won’t be forced to wear the same pants almost everyday. So you see this isn’t about me being lazy, it’s about Target lacking creativity. Get with it Target.

And in other news, I bought my shirt here at the grocery store.  Well… Whole Foods… so it’s not quite as Safeway bargain bin as it sounds. But still I bought this top along with a can of water chestnuts and some low sodium soy sauce so fancy or not, it’s still a grocery store.

The WF I frequent in Oakland has a pretty expansive clothing section, at least in comparison to most grocery stores. Usually I meander on over to that section to coo at the free-range organic baby clothes and then come to my senses after looking at the price tags. But last time I went over for my regular coo-sesh I saw this top, which looked like it would totally pass for a maternity top without actually being a maternity top. It’s a little big now, but I’m sure I’ll soon grow into it. And once baby comes, I can wash it in hot water, maybe shrink it a touch and still wear it as a comfy – without being totally frumpy – lounge shirt. So at $16 it seems like a pretty worthy purchase.

BumpDate: 26 weeks, 1 day! And I think I’m starting to understand the meaning of lightning crotch, so that’s fun!


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