Not the same jeans afterall

old navy maternity jeans * threads 4 though top * seychelles wedges

I kind of feel like this outfit isn’t totally worth posting because at least in this shot, I really don’t look pregnant.

But I wanted to show off the fact that despite my warning yesterday, I put on a different pair of jeans today! Thought I’d switch things up a bit 😉

These jeans are equally as comfy, but are too long which means I have to wear with wedges.  And luckily at 26+ weeks, I’m still pretty cozy wearing wedges. Heels, not so much. But to be honest I’m never totally comfortable wearing heels. Wedges and I are much more compatible and lately, I think the height they give might even be more comfortable for my pregnant feeties than super flats.

Bumbleride Indie stroller test drive

In other news, we put together our stroller today and took it out for a test-drive. After reading my buddy Jakob’s review on the Bumbleride Indie, I quickly unchecked the Bob SE from my registry and added this gem in its place.

I had settled on a BOB because from everything I had read, it was basically the best when it came to joggers. I didn’t want to get a travel system stroller, a jogging stroller AND an umbrella stroller – I wanted something that I could use as a jogger and also an everyday – and BOB seemed like it would fit the bill. But… I sort of couldn’t get over the fact that at least in my opinion, it’s kind of ugly. It’s just so big, and jogger-stroller looking, and BOB looking. And every time I would see someone pushing one about I would cringe the same way I do when I see someone wearing white flip flops.

So when I read Jakob’s review and I poked around the interwebs doing some of my own research on the Bumbleride Indie, it was like the heavens opened with possibility.

I think in terms of function, the BOB and Bumbleride are equally dope strollers. I think for the serious jogger, the BOB might be better, because it is an actual jogger. The Bumbleride Indie has a front fixed wheel, so it can still be used for light-jogging, but probably not a 10 mile trail run. And honestly, while I’ve long been an avid runner, I don’t think I’m gonna be doing any 10 milers with baby-in-tow. I don’t foresee myself running more than 3ish miles while pushing an additional 20+ pounds.

I could go on about the other perks that helped convert me, but I’d be beating around the bush if I didn’t’ just get to the point. The Bumbleride is prettier.

Yeah, call me vain, or whatever, but it is. The Bumbleride is to strollers what the iPhone is to cell phones and the BOB is a Droid. Sure maybe the BOB/Droid has some more power and there are probably many who can argue their perks, but they’re bulky and ugly. And the Bumbleride/iPhone is so sleek and pretty. So when it comes down to it, they both serve similar functions and I went with the better looking one.

And I am so so so so glad I went with aesthetics because while there was no baby on today’s test drive, there was a big ass kettle-bell to add some pretend baby-weight and that thing handled like a dream! My husband was all about the suspension and agility and I was all about the everything ❤ ❤ ❤

I can’t wait to give it a stroll with little Xander in tow!

Now back to the clothes…


5 thoughts on “Not the same jeans afterall

  1. Why didn’t I think of wedges??? LOL! I had to give up my heels as well, and it killed something inside of me. 😉 (Although I’ve since invested in a cute pair of black, red, and brown flats, so I’m feeling a little better). But still, I miss my cute heels. Wedges definitely would have been the way to go!
    (And all of my maternity jeans have been too long, but my mom very graciously offered to hem mine for me. I’ve yet to find a pair of maternity jeans that come with a ‘short’ option, which is kind of frustrating… especially when you can’t wear heels. Ha, ha. But still, the comfort of maternity jeans is worth it, I suppose). 😉
    And lastly, you look GREAT!!!!!

  2. Wedges are the best! Although I am not convinced I’ll be able to still wear them come month 8… which means these jeans will have to be hemmed! I don’t even know if they make short mat-jeans, but pre-pregnancy I always had to get my jeans hemmed anyway so I’m a pretty familiar face at the tailor then and now!

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