Fall Boots Win

LOFT maternity leggings * JCrew Factory Chambray * Old Navy V-Neck * Frye Boots

Holy Moly I need a haircut. Like I probably needed one 2 weeks ago, but I’m trying not to let the pregnant hair growth spurt win by increasing my regular haircut schedule. I know as a woman I’m expected to love the long hair and nails gifted to me by the pregnancy hormone Gods, but I like my hair cropped and my nails short, so this growing crap is not working for my look.

I’ve heard my hair is all gonna fall out post-baby so I realize I should be more grateful, but it’s really hard when my hair feels so damn heavy.

So enough about my hair now. Tonight at 9 p.m. it will officially be Fall. Which in my experience means it’s time to start wearing boots, light sweaters and scarves. But apparently in Oakland, that means its still hot as shit. So not only is it too hot right now to have 10 lbs of dark hair on your head, it’s also technically too hot to be wearing riding boots. But dammit I’m pregnant and there are already so many rules in what I can and can’t do/eat/drink and so today, while I might be sweating like a pig, I’m not gonna let the weather dictate my fashion choices because it’s basically Fall and Fall means boots! And lucky for me my office is a perpetual ice-box so that sunshine aint no thing.

In less heated news, James & I started our birthing classes yesterday and while I was initially thinking I’d pass on the whole birthing class thing, I am so so so so glad we are doing this after-all. We opted to do Bradley Method, even though it’s definitely on the the more hippy dippy spectrum (I’m pretty sure the word epidural would cause some sort of Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm), it’s super based on husband coaching. And given how active James was in getting me pregnant, it only make sense that he is equally involved in the birthing process. And as kumbaya-hippy the Bradley Method’s reputation is, we both felt super comfortable and relaxed with the teacher and other students in our class. So pour me a bowl of granola, I’m into it.

BumpDate: 27 weeks today! The last week of my 2nd trimester! While it doesn’t feel like it in the moment, it’s pretty crazy to look back on how fast this whole pregnancy thing has gone by. Apparently this week homeboy in the womb might start hiccuping, which can probably be used as an excuse for any excess gas I have right?







One thought on “Fall Boots Win

  1. LOVE the outfit! And I have to admit that I gave in and got my hair chopped… (Although, yeah, not looking forward to going bald after baby is born. Ha, ha. So I’m trying to appreciate my hair now). 😉

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