Maxi-Dressing Around

target kimino dress * target belt * gap jean jacket

Happy official day of Fall!

Hopefully the leaves are turning  and temperatures cooling where you live. I already grumbled about this yesterday, but so far the only sign of fall I see is my driveway covered in leaves.

Word on the street is come November I’ll have my cozy sweater weather, which will give me some time to save up for the J. Crew sweater that I’ve decided needs to be my go-to maternity leave cuddle sweater. It’s way too expensive, but I figure if I average the amount of wear it will see, I could maybe (just maybe) justify the cost.

But in the meantime this easy breezy maxi-dress feels so good. So good, that I bought 2 more today.

I actually found this particular dress 3 or 4 years ago at Target, and figured they were no longer available, but I think I found it’s twin on sale. The only difference is this dress is Mossimo and the ones I bought today are Merona… crossing my fingers they’ll fit the same or at least equally flattering.

According to my fellow preg-bloggers, come 3rd trimester maxi dresses are your best friend, and while I’ve mentioned before that I was gonna try to reject this particular maternity trend – how can I fight something that feels so right? I can’t and I won’t.

Stella & Dot monogrammed necklace

In more dainty news, I’d like to take this opportunity to show off my beautiful little ATK necklace. ATK for Alexander Thomas Krajewski ❤ ❤ ❤

target kimino dress * target belt * gap jean jacket

BumpDate: 27 weeks, 1 day! And my glucose screening came back negative which means I don’t have to go in for that dreaded 3-hour test! And my iron levels also tested super dope! Did you ever thing you’d see the words iron level and dope in one sentence? Yeah, me either.

I just realized that I am wearing almost all Target and nothing maternity!





3 thoughts on “Maxi-Dressing Around

  1. LOVE the maxi-dress! My maxi-skirt from Target was most definitely a favorite outfit of mine all summer, because it wasn’t maternity… but it was definitely comfortable enough to be! (Plus they’re super cute)! Your outfit is perfect!!!

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