Third Trimester Hair-Cuts!

LOFT maternity leggings * old navy maternity white vneck * blue suede shoes

Someone got a haircut!!! And holy beans and rice does it ever feel good (and doesn’t beans and rice sound good right about now?). I was a little scared it was too short at first, but now seeing it in photos I have decided it that I lurve it ❤

Short hair, for me, is so so so so so so much easier to style too – which is pretty important to me these days – given that my brain has literally gone to the crapper. I can’t seem to handle too much at once… like for instance today I thought I’d take on the hefty task of shaving both my legs and my armpits. Well both legs got shaved, but lets just say one armpit was forgotten.

I used to get so frustrated with my Mom for being what I had perceived as flaky… but I’m starting to understand perhaps where she was coming from. I’m no scientist but I have a hunch that pregnancy brain is just a mini-preview to what one should expect once full blown Mom brain sets in.

So while I don’t think my Mom reads this blog on the off chance she does I’d like to say…

I’m sorry I would get so frustrated when you called me Carmen (my sister). And so what if you had the date off by a day or two, you always got my birthday month right! And at the end of the day you always remembered to make sure Carmen & I knew that you loved and supported us… and made sure we never drank bleach… and when it comes down to it – that’s the stuff that matters. 

leggings copy cat

Today I’m back in leggings… trying to rip off this girl’s look. I was actually going to wear this Old Navy shirt, which resembles the one she’s sporting a bit more, but then I spotted this white v-neck all nice, clean and folded sitting atop the laundry basket and wanted it on my body. Excuse my awkward stiff stance in this photo… lets just pretend I’m as fancy free and jolly as the fashion inspiration to my left (or would it be my right? I don’t know anything anymore!)

I am kind of wishing these leggings were a tad more fit, they’re a cotton blend and really soft and cozy but don’t really hold everything in the way I’d like. Not to say I want a super tight pair of pants at this stage in the game, but I do wish these fit a bit more like my Ingrid & Isabel workout pants (which I found on eBay for half the price and absolutely ADORE!).

But on the upside these leggings are super thick, which helps when you’re walking down the dangerous and controversial path of trying to pull leggings off as work attire. But to be quite honest, leggings at work are really only semi-excusable when you’re pregnant. And that’s less because they’re actually appropriate and more because people are scared of you.


baby smash in a shoe

BumpDate: 28 weeks, 1 day! Hello THIRD TRIMESTER (actually technically I said hello yesterday). Baby is the size of a 2.5 lbs Chihuaha which is about the size of Smash in the photo above, minus the shoe.









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