Boots, Shoes and Pizza

LOFT maternity skinny jeans * cobalt blue top * jcrew wedges

Started this sunny Wednesday workday off with a delicious lunch with a even better company at the delicious Boots & Shoe Service in Oakland. If I wasn’t so Bay Area hip, I might go there to get my boots shined… but you see as someone somewhat familiar with hipster culture I know better. Obviously this is a pizza  spot.

In any event, it was a lovely way to start my day! Although I am starting to think 80 degree weather and black skinny maternity jeans are not a combo the powers that be had in mind.

But in my humble opinion… 80 degree weather has no place in October… so looks like there’s a lot of things in this big bad world that don’t quite make sense… like vegan nachos and low-fat cream.

In any event, besides the sweaty factor I am a pretty big fan of my outfit today. This top is a non-maternity top I got an Anthropologie several years ago. It was one of my favorite pre-pregnancy so I was happy to see it still worked 7 months pregnant. Holla!


2 thoughts on “Boots, Shoes and Pizza

  1. You go, Girl! I don’t know that any of my non-maternity tops would fit me anymore!! (I haven’t tried them, to be honest, for fear that I might become depressed. Ha, ha)!! 🙂 And I absolutely love this outfit, right down to the adorable wedges!

    • Thanks lady! Late last night I realized the top was a tad short in front… you could see my belly panel if I moved a certain way… but oh pants were black and belly panel was black so I just let it happen!

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