Love yourself… wear maxi-dresses and eat bacon

Target maxi-dress

It’s hard to believe now, but there was actually a time in my life (a very long time actually) where I did NOT like bacon. I was kind of a pretentious ass about my disdain too. When someone around me would eat bacon, I would secretly scoff, wondering how anyone could eat something that I perceived as so disgusting.

I don’t know the exact moment it was, but sometime in the last two years, I mistakenly ate bacon on something. Maybe it was in a breakfast burrito or on a sandwich or maybe mixed into a salad? I can’t be totally sure where it was or where I was – but I do remember that in that moment, whenever it was, I found love. True, melt in your mouth, holy crap this is delicious love. Seriously, who the f-word was I to have questioned, let alone SCOFF, at bacon before? If I wasn’t so consumed in my new found love, I might have been bitter that I had lost so many beautiful years eating bacon. But I had no room in my heart for anger… only love… only bacon.

So you see, sometimes I don’t always know what’s best for me. Sort of like when I got pregnant I thought wearing maxi-dresses was some sort of “trap.” Did I have something against looking cute AND being comfortable at the same time? And as far as bacon is concerned, did I have something against delicious? Am I some sort of masochist? Maybe so, but those days are over! I love myself too much to deprive myself of the finer things in life! My child deserves a mother who knows how to treat herself! And at least in this particular scenario that means loving maxi-dresses and eating bacon.

I ordered this dress and another gray one after realizing how much I loved this black one last week. I was hoping I had found the exact same dress, but the ones I ordered are a just a tad bigger. They are all non-maternity, and I ordered this in a small which is what I had in the black one, but for some reason these seem a bit bigger. I tried to wash them in hot water and dry them, but they’re still a bit big around my mid-section, which is kind of strange given that I’m 7 months pregnant? So if you order this dress, I suggest sizing down!

I think after baby comes, I may get these dresses altered so they fit better around my non-pregnant midsection.

But sizing difference aside, I really love these maxi-dresses and while they are super cheap, the quality is pretty legit. Maybe I need to order ANOTHER one 😉

target maxi-dress

BumpDate: 27 weeks, 3 days. This baby is a mover and a shaker… and an elbower and a knee-er. I’ve only seen him move through my belly once, and it was pretty creepy-awesome! Pretty soon I have a hunch I’ll start to see him doing belly-swims and maybe even see a foot or a hand… and I’m not gonna lie… that is going to freak me out big time!


2 thoughts on “Love yourself… wear maxi-dresses and eat bacon

  1. Soooo cute!!!!
    And like my dad always says…. “Bacon… Converting one vegetarian at a time.” Ha, ha! He always says that once someone tries bacon, there’s just no going back. 😉
    I have to admit that I’ve been slightly addicted to the stuff ever since I got pregnant. 🙂

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