Dreaming of overalls & crop-tops

gap maternity popover * target maternity jeggings * seychelles wedges

So today is the day before the station I work for switches hands under new ownership. While news, as I’ve said before can be pretty lax in the dress-code category, we did have some rules. For instance the following were not permitted: overalls, crop tops, spaghetti straps, sweat pants, shorts, daisy dukes, flip flops. I think there was some other stuff… but as you might imagine being banned from overalls, crop tops and sweat pants really hit a nerve.

Being banned from wearing 3 of my wardrobe staples left me in quite the pickle. But as you can see I persevered and got through that hump and discovered there was a world beyond my beloved coveralls.

In any event because today was the last day under the crop-top haters, I had planned on wearing my finest spaghetti strap crop-top underneath my daisy duke overalls… but as you might imagine they were just a touch too snug.

So maternity wear it is… for now…

I am not totally sold on this top, I mean obviously I’m bummed its not a crop top but I also feel like it might be a tad matronly? But in any event, my hubs likes it and it’s comfy. Two wins in my book.

gap maternity popover * target maternity jeggings * seychelles wedges

BumpDate: 29 weeks, 1 day. And I can officially see this baby move. It’s like the X-files up in my belly and it is equal parts super creepy and super awesome.



4 thoughts on “Dreaming of overalls & crop-tops

  1. Mags, I am so sorry you have to exist under a regime of terror that will not allow CROP TOPS at work! This is a sad, sad, day. In other news, I love this top on you – you look so cute in florals! But I get what you are saying about feeling matronly – when I was pregs I felt like tops that weren’t totally fitted could look tent-ish. This one works on you though! And it will be more fitted when you get bigger (i know, hard to imagine being even bigger, right?) xxx

    • Right Paloma! What kind of world doesn’t see the beauty in crop-tops? Its their loss because me in a crop-top right now is HOT! I love the florals of this top but am looking forward to when it is just a touch more shapely… which at this rate could happen tomorrow. Vera’s future boyfriend is a BIG BOY!

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