The sexy hippopotamus


black and leopard

Today’s little getup is two-fold.

Because I felt a little matronly in yesterday’s outfit – I thought I’d tried to look a little more hip today… maybe even a little sexay.

Although, given the fact that I am feeling more hippopotamus than ever (I actually heard the floor CREAK as I walked yesterday!!!!) it’s kinda hard to feel sexy or even hip in much of anything these days. Outside of my beloved maxi-dresses… everything just feels like a sausage casing with me starring as the sausage.

Anyway, sausage-feeling aside, I still thought I’d give the sexy pregnant lady thing a shot and figured the best way to literally stuff my way into an outfit and feel good doing it was by the always slimming… black. Oh and of course, my sexy leopard wedges!

And really the only thing that feels too tight right now is these pants. I mentioned awhile back that the belly panel didn’t have much give and the reviews online complained about the same thing. I actually like how secure the belly panel feels, but as I grow I am starting to notice an extra snug feeling and while it’s not so bad yet… I have a hunch these pants may not be a realistic option once month 8 arrives. Although they still lasted me a good 4 or 5 months, which seems like a pretty long life in terms of maternity clothes!

But this top on the other hand is amazing and I wish I had discovered it sooner! Another Old Navy score… seriously Old Navy is the PLACE TO GO for maternity basic tops. It’s one of those ballet tops with a conservative scoop back and the fabric is so damn soft I want to wear it all over my naked body! If only I could let the tatas free at work…

Speaking of tatas, I finally ordered some nursing bras. I ordered 3 on Amazon and can’t wait to try them on! I got this popular Bravado one and two Cake brand ones, the Cotton Candy and a more work-friendly/tight-tshirt kind of bra. Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any nursing bra-love affairs you care to share?




2 thoughts on “The sexy hippopotamus

  1. You are definitely looking sexay in that outfit! 🙂
    I picked up two nursing bra’s from Motherhood Maternity, and I might pick up one or two more from Target. I haven’t worn them yet, so I’m not completely sure as to which will be my favorite. But I think they’ll be super convenient once baby arrives!

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