Tears and Dresses

ASOS maternity dress * LOFT cardigan * 3rd trimester wear

Ack! The last week has been nutty nutty.

New owners at the station means everyone gets to deal with paperwork galore. Its a mishmash of applications, W4s, I9s, and in my case – tears.

I wish I was joking about the tears, but I’ve literally cried 3 times in the last week. Which for me, is a lot. I’ve never been a huge crier (unless I’m watching a sappy movie or a pet-food commercial) and I’m inclined to say the testosterone growing inside of me has made me even less of a cry-baby than usual. But I’ve been a brand new woman this week. And that woman is stressed out, maybe a little overwhelmed and honestly kind of a loose cannon. It also doesn’t help that my HR woman is a straight-up miserable human who I am fairly certain HATES pregnant women… so in addition to the work changes trying to get any sort of maternity-leave info/help from her has been a bit of a ummm… challenge.

In any event, crying according to my best friend’s Mom makes your eyelashes grow longer. So I guess I’ll keep crying when need-be and eventually reap the benefits of long beautiful lashes.

I wore this dress a month or two back, and actually much prefer the fit now that I am bumping out quite a bit more. I also wore this dress to my lovely baby shower last month. It’s (FINALLY) started to get a bit chilly here… well by chilly I mean high 60s… and so I’m trying to get as much use as I can out of this dress before it’s too cold to wear. Although maybe with tights and boots I can prolong its life.

I tried to do this outfit today with gold flats but was quickly vetoed by my hubs, who has a surprising amount of fashion opinions for a straight dude. And pretty much 9.5 times out of 10 he hates those gold flats.

And shit, if I can still wear wedges almost 8 months pregnant I say roll with it.

ASOS maternity dress * LOFT cardigan * 3rd trimester wear

BumpDate: 30 weeks, 4 days. Baby is gigantic. Or 3lbs, but he feels ginormous and I seriously don’t know how I am gonna get any bigger. But I guess the one thing I can be absolutely sure of during this pregnancy, is no matter how impossible it may seem, I will always be able to get bigger.


2 thoughts on “Tears and Dresses

  1. I am officially in LOVE with that dress!!!! I love the pattern and cut so much… and that sweater adds the perfect pop of color. This just might be one of my favorite outfits that I’ve seen you wear so far (which is saying a lot, because you always look cute). 🙂

    • Its the best Nicole! And it’s on super sale now if you’re interested, down more than 50% and I think maybe this dress would work post-postpartum too? As always, thanks for your sweet words too!

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