Fall has arrived and I’m pregnant and cozy

Cozy fall maternity

So as you may have heard… the Giants won the World Series. And the news station I work for covers the Bay Area. And because our station has recently been taken over, we are rebuilding the website. And election day is next week. And November, in the news world is Sweeps, and to be quite honest I have no idea what that means – but its a big deal for ratings.

Anyway, if I haven’t already put you to sleep with my gentle (boring) lullaby… my point is –  it’s been just a teensy bit busy which is why I’ve been absent. I promise I haven’t just been hanging around my house naked… and I haven’t totally resorted to wearing a straight up sweatsuit. Although as you can see here I am embracing the magical world of leggings. Actually, I’ve embraced this luxurious world twice this week! And let me tell you, it is a magical, cozy and stretchy world.

I got these leggings last week, because like I’d said awhile back, the ones I already had from LOFT weren’t quite as slim fit as I like my leggings to be. My LOFT ones are much thicker, which is nice, but they just don’t hug me quite as snug as I like.

These ones are from Ingrid & Isabel, and they are much thinner. Almost like thick tights thin… which makes me a little nervous wearing at work. But I bent this pregnant ass right over and right before my husband had to use a crane to lift me back up, he promised that they weren’t see through. I see these getting a LOT of wear during my, can’t get here soon enough, maternity leave.

Some of the online reviewers complain that these specific leggings sag a bit in the lady-parts area. But I don’t think it’s that they sag as much as when your belly is this big there is just space between your belly and thighs and these leggings don’t sit exactly flat on your skin in that hood. Not sure if that makes sense, but I haven’t found any crotch sag… so far.

Cozy fall maternity wear

BumpDate: 32 weeks, 5 days of bebe! At 32 weeks even he was somewhere between 2.5 to 3.8 pounds, but I swear he grows like crazy everyday so I’m willing to bet he’s been 8 and 10 lbs now. Hahaha… wait… that’s not funny at all.

  • Leggings: Ingrid & Isabel Everyday Leggings (in case you’re curious about sizes… I was a 6/8 pre-pregnancy and got a 1 in these and they fit perfectly snuggly at 32+ weeks. I think they’ll continue to stretch to accommodate my gigantic-ness in the coming weeks but still fit snug enough that they’ll work out once I start (hopefully) shrinking post-baby.) I have also seen these on eBay for a bit cheaper, but I went the Nordstroms route this time because I wasn’t sure about sizing and thought I might have to return/exchange)
  • Top:  Old Navy Maternity Vintage-Style V-Neck
  • Cardigan: Banana Republic about a billion years ago… (similar)
  • Boots: Frye Carson Zip Tall boots (my most amazing friend Emily sold these gems to me used otherwise there is no way in hell I could ever afford Frye boots like these new)
  • Scarf: Nordstroms a couple years back (cant’ find exact one but here’s a whole bunch of them!)




3 thoughts on “Fall has arrived and I’m pregnant and cozy

  1. Ha, ha!! My doctor told me that I might have a big baby… I came out of the checkup laughing, as I told my hubby that I was going to possibly be pushing out a football player… Then I had the same reaction as you. “Hmmm, wait, that’s not the least bit funny!” LOL!
    LOVE, love, love the outfit, as always! I’m totally in love with leggings right now! Not going to lie, I even picked up a cute pair of leggings from Old Navy to wear around the house when I’m home from the hospital and recovering from labor. I love that they’re cute but that they also feel like pajamas! Ha, ha.

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