Hey Everybody!

Momma & Xan

Hey! I’m back. I think. I’m gonna try at least. Plenty has changed since last fall, when I checked in last!

Last we talked I was 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant! Its funny now, that I had the luxury back then of a mind that would allow me to be so specific with dates. These days, if someone says “Oh I’ve been here since April” I legit have no clue when April was.


Today! I have an almost 9 month old little boy! (You see that there, I’m talking in vague months now – as opposed to week and day breakdowns).

Alexander Thomas Krajewski (also known as Xan, Xandie Boy, Xan Man, Chunky Chile, Chunks, Chunk Boy, Chunky Chile with Cheese) was born just shy of Christmas! On December 20th, 2014!

Happy Born Day!

He is the most amazing thing in my entire life. Also the most exhausting, but mostly I can’t get past how incredible this little creature is. Obviously I could go on and on, but that’s not really the purpose of this blog.

I’ve also got some news on the job front, and by news, I mean I’m no longer in news. I’ve jumped ship and am working in the tech field here in the Bay Area. So while I’ve made a pretty huge career swap, as for office-place dress code. Little has changed.

Now that my hubs and I have this baby counting on us, and child-care counting on our paychecks, this Momma has had to take a pretty hard look at her finances. And by finances I mean, how much money she’s been spending on clothes.

In the last month, I’ve slowly been fitting into some of my old clothes, turns out I am NOT one of those women who gets back into her old jeans 3 months after popping out kiddos. I’m still about 7lbs shy of where I want to be… specifically one hair tie holding together most of my pre-pregnancy jeans.

In any event thanks to this in between spot I’ve been stuck in since returning back to work, I’ve ended up spending more money than I anticipated for on clothes. But to be quite honest, I always sorta ended spending more money than I anticipate on clothes. Because I have never really budgeted how much money I spend on clothes. And sadly, those fancy care-free days of leisurely spending money like no-ones watching, are O-V-E-R.

But with that said, I’m not saying I’m done buying clothes. I like to shop. In real life and also on the very dangerous rabbit-hole that is the internet. So I’m still gonna shop. But I’m hoping to take a page from Fran (whose blog I loooove) and start a clothing budget. I think Fran does a quarterly budget now, although her original budgeting post refers to a monthly budget. In any event, I’m giving myself roughly $150-200 per month – $800 per quarter to spend. Which I know sounds like a lot, which it is. But there may have been a month recently where I might have spent that quarterly budget in one month because I wasn’t paying attention, and I may have had to take money out of savings to pay for our child-care. And thats not cool.

I’m planning to include all primping misc. spending into that budget. This includes makeup, shampoo, jewelry… etc… So if I happen to run out of all my makeup one month and need to restock (because for whatever reason it does seem like randomly I’m out of everything all at once), then what I buy is that much less I get to spend on clothes. But on the upside, if I really want some fancy new purse or overpriced pair of jeans (to celebrate whenever that last 7lbs comes off) well that means I only get to buy 1 thing that month.

First world problems. That aren’t really problems. I know.

locker room selfie

So I guess my point of the above rambling is that I’m not totally sure what the point of this blog will be. Inevitably I’ll talk about my kid, because he’s dope and well I don’t need to explain it, if you have kids you get it. And I’ll probably talk about mothering a little because its a pretty wild ride and because now I’m the boss so I get to do what I want, right 😉 But I’ll also try to document as much as possible how to make casual work-at-work, but getting out of the house in the mornings is like escaping from a max-security security prison these days, so chances are most of my outfit-pix will be from my work’s locker room, gone are the days where anybody has time to “pose” for shit. Annnd I’m hoping I can help use this blog to help hold me accountable to that whole budgeting thing I was just talking about.

As for the grainy locker room shot above…

Top: LOFT tank (exact on sale!)
Jacket: Hinge Cargo Jacket (exact – this most of Sept’s budget)
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind flares (these are from several years ago… but here are 7’s current flares and here’s a dark-wash cheaper alternative)
Shoes: My FAVORITE shoe of all time… Swedish Hasbeens Flora Wedge (exact on SALE!)


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