No spend till Brooklyn! (or October)

Old Navy dress & Cargo jacket

So I talked yesterday about my new budgeting plan. But I’m actually attempting a no-spend September. And HOLY HELL this is hard.

I think I might have a teensy bit of a shopping addiction. Or at least an online shopping addiction. Since I’m actively, or at least intentionally, not-spending right now. I’ve noticed how much time I spend online window-shopping. I don’t actually set out to window-shop, but I usually end up browsing through the blog I like and it starts simple enough. “Oh I like Kendie’s entire outfit!” or “Hey, Fran says there’s a red version of that sweater?” or “Hey, maybe I need a pair of distressed black skinnies, like Grace?” And before I knew it I have like 15 tabs open and in some more vulnerable cases several items added to my cart. And probably more often that I should, I would go ahead and check out.

But these days… I’m having to talk myself off the “add to cart” ledge and step away from the computer.

Although in some cases, I am adding this items to my “want” list in my budget spreadsheet… so if October rolls around and I’m still thinking about some of these things, well I might feel better about pulling the trigger. At least right now the only thing that’s still really calling my name is that red version of Fran’s sweater. And maybe a pair of black distressed skinnies… 😉

So, the struggle is real y’all. At least in my no-spending September goals.

Annnnyway… I managed to get a quick photo in a real life setting today! Before darting off to catch the shuttle, my wonderful half dressed sweetie pie agreed to snap a quick photo of moi. He reminded me that I looked “more sensual” when wearing a pair of my “high-shoes” but I was going for more of a Friday-casual look today, not so much Friday-sensual. Although after seeing this pic I do feel like I might have looked more pulled together in flats. But these days “pulled-together” is not really my jam.

I love this dress! I found it at Old Navy, which I am really starting to love lately! They are getting some seriously cute stuff. I used to find their clothes really boxy, but these days they’re much more flattering! Cute clothes without breaking the bank, call me a cab I’m sold. (I don’t think that’s how the saying goes)

Dress: Old Navy (exact on SALE)
Jacket: Hinge Cargo Jacket (exact)
Shoes: LOFT flip flops (similar but more $) but wish I had these to wear instead…


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