My favorite jeans… that don’t fit

zara tunic, mother the runaway jeans

This photo doesn’t lend much to the jeans. But the jeans I’m wearing today, I love them.

They’re so beautiful, so soft, usually so comfy and used to be so flattering.

I love them SO much that even though they are still WAY too tight around this momma-gut, I threw caution to the wind and really stuffed myself into them today

They didn’t button, but that was OK because I remember the handy early-pregnancy hair-tie trick. But an hour or two into the day, with no button to keep them together, the fly inevitably inched down – which was also OK thanks to this long tunic – but soon after that they began to sag and fall down. So I was pretty much pulling up my too-tight can’t quite button jeans all damn day. It wasn’t pretty.

So when I get home, I’ll fold my my very favorites jeans and put them back with the clothes-that-still-don’t-fit pile. For now. These jeans will have me again one day, and I’ll have them, and that day will be beautiful.

Sadly this beautiful tunic did not get the love it deserved thanks to my Thursday jeans-struggle. I’ll have to pair this one with pants that do fit sooner than later!

Hope your pants all fit better than mine today 🙂 ❤

Top: ZARA embroidered tunic
Jeans: Mother the Looker Runaway Skinny Flare
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Flora Wedge


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