chambray, black jeggings, leopard wedgesMost mornings I’ll ask my husband’s opinion of my outfit and for the most part, he gives me pretty good feedback. Granted sometimes the basis behind his opinion is not well-founded, for example he doesn’t think your shirt should be longer than your cardigan/jean jacket/etc. but as we can all probably agree, he’s wrong.

This morning I asked the usual, “Honey, does this look OK?” question annnd he told me my outfit reminded him of Susana Martinez :/ which was not what I wanted to hear. I guess the tucked in (although clearly its not totally “tucked in” but rather a loose front tuck) shirt with the brown belt reminded him of the Governor of New Mexico.

Susana is also known for her love of denim on denim… although where one might poke fun of her Canadian Tuxedo a couple years ago… thanks to the Chambray trend denim on denim isn’t the controversial pairing it once was.

And now thinking about it, while Susana Martinez isn’t really anyone I want to be linked to, the hubs isn’t totally wrong in his comparison because technically I am wearing denim-on-denim. The jeans are black and the style is jeggings but I would still say if we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, these would fall under the denim family umbrella. And while the word “chambray” might sound fancy, I’m pretty sure its still just denim. So survey says… I’m wearing denim-on-denim, which means my husband is right. And OMG I just found this photo below and I’m basically wearing the exact same thing.

susana martinez

In less political news, I am wearing this twig necklace that 6 or 7 years ago, I LIVED in. I haven’t worn this much, if at all, for the last several years for reasons I’m not sure of? But I felt like this outfit needed something around the neck and I decided to give this little twig some playtime.

twig necklace

I found this necklace when I lived in Brooklyn at my very favorite Park-Slope spot, Cog & Pearl. Sadly, according to Yelp like this place has since closed down 😦 I blame hipsters.

I’ve been wanting a bar necklace from Gorjana for awhile… but just found this one that kinda sorta maybe looks a little twig-like. But either way, it’s adorable! And if you’re really wanting a twig, I found a ton of branch/twig necklaces on Etsy.

Jeans: DL1961 Emma Jeggings (exact)
Top: Cloth & Stone Chambray popover from a few years ago (similar styles on Poshmark & eBay but here’s a lighter version from Anthropologie)
Shoes: MaraisUSA Leopard Wedges from a few years ago (similar and cheaper!)


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