Thrifting in the Digital Age

favorite 2nd hand hauls

I’m slacking this week. I’ve actually taken a photo of my outfit each day… but when I would sit down to write something about it I kept getting tongue-tied. Or I guess it would be finger-tied in this case, since I’m typing?

I’ve been trying to get a post together on all my recent second hand hauls, but keep getting stumped. I’ve always been a big fan of finding some of my favorites on eBay for 1/2 the price… but lately sites like Poshmark, Tradesy and thredUp are making all my “Ballah on a Budget” dreams come true.

For me, shopping second-hand online really only works when you have a very specific idea of what you want. And by specific I mean brand, size and sometimes even style. Especially with sites like Poshmark where there are no returns.

While I’ve never fancied myself much of a thrift-store shopper I might consider myself a bit of an online-thrifter. Can you even thrift online? Maybe its not thrifting, but rather, sifting. Sifting around for deals online, whether that be buying things used from Poshmark or cheaper but still NWT on eBay or just super discounted on 6pm. That’s what I do. I’m an online-sale-Sifter. An iSifter. A Digital Sifty. OK I’ll stop with the puns (for now).

My latest favorite second hand hauls can be seen above. The sweater is Anthropologie and the jeans are Old Navy but both are from Poshmark. And the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens from 6pm so while they’re not second hand, they were about 60% off. I think brand new the sweater cost about $98, if I know Anthropologie prices 😉 (and I think I do), the jeans about $34 (although Old Navy is basically always on-sale) and the shoes full price are about $279 (gulp, I know). So total this outfit, brand new would cost about $411 without taxes or any shipping if you purchased online.

Now onto what I paid for the goods… I got the sweater for $35, jeans for $10 and the shoes for $99 coming in at a total of $144! That’s a lot less than $411, $267 less to be exact.

So hey, I guess this was a post on my second-hand hauls after-all. Maybe I could make this a weekly thing… or a monthly thing. An outfit with some of my favorite cheap internet finds 🙂

And in case you live and die for what I wear each day… here’s a snippet of what happened on my body Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Outfit 1:

Top: Bordeaux for Anthropologie from several years ago (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Distressed Jeans (similar)
Shoes: Converse Shoreline Slip-Ons (exact)

Outfit 2:

Top: Sparrow for Anthropologie Sweater (found this similar sweater thanks to Chicly Charming)
Jeans: Same as Outfit 1
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Flora Wedges (same shoe, different colors)

Outfit 3:

Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Pilcro for Anthropologie Denim Jacket (similar)
Pants: DL1961 Emma Leggings (exact)
Shoes: Same as Outfit 2

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