Friday Favorites

picnic chic

Happy Friday everybody! It’s dress like you’re going to a picnic day at work today! Just kidding. But I did dress as if I was going to a picnic anyway. Or maybe I dressed as if I were the picnic. Or just the picnic tablecloth?

You all might remember me telling y’all how much I love this pattern awhile back. I wore this same shirt at 21 weeks preggies… and I actually wore it in a very similar manner than I am now. While this top will button up around my belly now it’s pretty much always been too small on my tater-tots.

OK, now onto some of my favorite things from this week…

1. My favorite blogger outfit (that I really wanna copy) is from Kendie Everyday. She just posted it today and I need to figure out a way to make it happen. I think it might involve buying this jacket… I’ve got about $75 in Poshmark credits right now. So if I can sell something else next week I could probably have enough to buy it. C’mon people! Buy my stuff! Please 🙂

2. On a more personal note, my favorite part of being a Mom this week is watching Xan man learn new stuff. This week, Dad taught him “How big’s the boy!” and he raises his little arms up high in the sky to show Mom & Dad just how big he is! Its amazing. But also, time, please sloooooow down.

3. Most of you know that I’m a HUGE Friday Night Lights Fan. Like total fan-club fan-girl style. The show is legit, the best show ever made. The hubs and I are watching the series for the third, yup you read that right THIRD, time and this week we watched one of the best episodes of the series. “The Son” (4×5) is amazing. There are lots and lots of tears to be shed. But OMG, it’s so good. How do more people not watch this show?

4. My latest favorite purchase is this Simply Snuggly ModCloth sweater. I saw this Forest Green one on Franish awhile back and she mentioned a red version. And I’ve been coveting it ever since. I was waiting until this pay-period to treat myself, but when I went to buy it on Wednesday my size was sold-out! I pouted and stomped my foot and then requested an update when it was back in stock. But because I’m the least patient person in the world, I couldn’t wait for an update and kept checking back. Luckily Thursday night at 9p.m. there was exactly 1 medium back in stock and I wasted no time adding it to my cart and checking on out. I hope the sweater lives up to what I’ve made of it in my heart. But if it doesn’t, thank goodness for free returns 🙂

5. My favorite Internet funny from this week has probably gotta be this Got Robbed prank. Who doesn’t need a little (read: 168) of Rob Lowe in their life?

Now if you’re wondering about my beautiful outfit…

Top: Gap from a very long time ago (similar style)
Undershirt: J Crew Polished scoop neck blouse (exact)
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar (similar)
Shoes: KorkEase Michelle Bootie (exact, similar cheaper option)


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