Netflix & Gil

errand outfitDisclaimer: This is not a work outfit. Repeat. This is not a work outfit.

Except that it was for me today. It was a cluster-f-word of a morning that resulted in me working from home for half the day. Which resulted in me wearing something you should probably only wear on the weekends – not on the weekend and into the office.

So lets just pretend I didn’t wear this on Monday and instead wore it running errands on Saturday. Yeah, that sounds much better. This is my Saturday brunch, errands & take the kid to the park outfit 😉

These are probably my favorite fromping-around-town pants ever. They’re so soft, flattering and they have stripes and I LOVE stripes and yes, I know, they’re yoga pants and this could constitute as wearing work-out clothes inappropriately. But I don’t really care because I luuurve them. This photo isn’t really doing the pants much justice so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it, they’re the best (or you can click the link too).

And speaking of things I luuurve… I just got a little BuzzFeed News alert informing me that Netflix may be bringing my beloved Gilmore Girls back from the dead. Well not that they were ever dead, but word has it that Netflix ordered new episodes of the show which means I get a little more Luke & Loralie in my life ❤

Netflix & Gil, anyone? Get it, like Netflix & Chill, but Gil as in Gilmore Girls.

Pants: Athleta Stripes Chattaranga Tight (I ordered the P size since I’m 5’5 and wanted these to be ankle length) (exact)
Sweater: Sparrow for Anthropologie from several years ago (similar in dark grey)
Jacket: Nordstroms (exact)
Shoes: Converse Shoreline Slip-on (exact)


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