4th top’s a charm

favoritesThis outfit was supposed to be easy breezy. I had decided on the cardigan, jeans and shoes last night and figured picking a shirt would be a snap.

Turns out it took 4 attempts. The grey top I had originally envisioned didn’t really match the shoes, so I grabbed a black one and got myself all situated only to find crusty bananas on the collar. No worries, I thought, and grabbed another black top that I guess I haven’t worn since Xan was still in his spit-up hey-day because that top was covered in spit-up. Apparently I don’t even look at my clothes to see if they’re clean or dirty before hanging them back up in the closet.

Thankfully the fourth top I tried was banana-spit-up free and so it won the “which top gets to hang out with me all day” award. Congratulations J. Crew Polished Scoop-Neck Blouse, it’s your lucky day! That is until you inevitably get baby-related-something on you later today :/

But the top struggle aside, I’ve got three favorites on today. Favorite shoes, favorite new jeans and favorite replacement cardigan! Hooray! What are some of your favorite closet staples?

Jeans: Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar, clearly I’m never taking these off (similar)
Top: J. Crew Polished Scoop Neck (exact)
Cardigan: J. Crew Perfect-Fit Mixed Tape Cardigan (exact)
Shoes: Marais USA (similar cute & CHEAP wedge or similar super cute heel version)


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