Work Appropriate

work appropriateGuess who dressed conventionally work appropriate today??? ME!

I figured given yoga-pants Monday (a.k.a the most comfortable Monday ever), I might want to add in a little work-pant flare this morning.

Given the casual-vibe at my office, its really really really hard to wear anything outside of the denim family when it comes to pants. But if I haaaave to wear something besides jeans (or yoga pants), these LOFT Marisa Skinny Ankle pants are my go-to. They’ve got just the right amount of stretch, but are still thick & structured enough to hold their shape well. And IMHO they’re also super flattering.

I have a black pair and a color LOFT calls Marsala Red – which is actually more of a brownish-pink, but both those pairs are in my pre-pregnancy size and just a touch too tight still. I picked up this navy pair (which look black in this pix) right before I started my new job and have only worn them a couple times so far. But I feel like I need to give them some more love, so perhaps you’ll be seeing them more on this little bloggity blog. I’ve actually been inspired to do a little 30×30 remix like Paloma & Karen did awhile back and Kendie did even further back, so if that happens I’m thinking these pants will be in my rotation.

This tunic is my latest Old Navy find ❤ I saw Kendie sporting a black & white version tucked into a skirt last week and it was so weird because that same day, after work I suddenly found myself inside an Old Navy that low-and-behold carried that exact tunic, maybe I went online clicked “find in store” and found it OR maybe it was destiny.

I think if I worked in a more conventional office, this outfit would look really good with nude pumps (these are my favorite). I tried that this morning but felt a little too dressy, so strappy wedges it was! You might recognize these shoes from my pregnancy days, because they saw a lot of playtime back then but like any overworked athlete their body took some significant hits. And by “body took some hits” I mean the ankle strap started to fall apart, I’m guessing in part due to the amount of weight the shoes and my feet were under thanks to my growing belly. So these shoes have been out of the rotation for awhile while they had some much needed R&R at the cobbler, but now they’re back and ready to party!

Pants: LOFT Essential Skinny Ankle Pants, Marisa fit (exact in Plum)
Tunic: Old Navy (exact)
Shoes: Seychelles Gale Force Wedge (exact in a 10 or similar cute Seychelle wedge)
Necklace: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendent (exact)

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