well skirtedApparently this week is a fancy one. Because yesterday I wore slacks and today I’m wearing a skirt! I’m not making any promises but I think a ballgown may be in order for tomorrow.

I bought this skirt just a week or two shy of finding out I was pregnant. I think I got one wear out of it before my waistline took on a whole new shape and anything lacking stretch was packed away and confined to the garage.

I’ve been gradually releasing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes from the confines of the garage and last night went to grab my plum colored skinny jeans out of the space bag they’d been sucked into over a year ago. I saw this skirt squeezed between those pants and a winter jacket, that I’ve had no use for since moving to California, and decided to let her free as well. Turns out the plum jeans still don’t fit, but this skirt did! Winning!!!! …kinda.

I sort of think this skirt looks a little bit like a blanket. A sexy blanket, obviously, but a blanket nonetheless.

I’m hoping one day when it finally actually starts to feel like fall (what is wrong with you NorCal! It’s late October and 80 degrees!!!!!!) this would look cute with black tights and maybe a black sweater. The latter I do not have… but maybe I’ll scoop up a black Tippi next time J. Crew has a sale… look at all those beautiful Tippi colors…

And now I’m distracted and having sweet Tippi dreams. So I’ll just get to the outfit deets although most of what I’m wearing today is at least a year old but here’s a gaggle of similar styles.

Skirt: TopShop (other TS skirts)
Top: J. Crew (similar popover style)
Jacket: Pilcro by Anthropologie (similar)
Shoes: J. Crew Martina Wedges (exact but don’t buy them here… I found these on eBay ions ago and I bet you can find them there or an a similar site)

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