My Red Suede Shoes

red suede shoesI really need to start getting y’all some better pictures. Since starting this little blog project I have been reading more and more fashion blogs and starting to see how I am really missing the mark in terms of photos.

I don’t know exactly how I’m going to remedy this problem… but it is on my blog-to-do list.

But at least for today, I’m hoping these darling red wedges might make up for these terribly unremarkable bathroom selfies. I am SO excited about these! I have long loved Paloma’s Sole Society red suede heels but as some of you may have have noticed, I don’t do “heels” too often. While I love the look of heels, I can’t really get on board with putting them on my feet. I am much more of a wedge devotee… so when I saw a woman I work with sporting red suede WEDGES a few weeks ago I felt like two of my favorite people had a baby! And by people I mean Paloma’s shoes and wedges and by baby, I mean red suede wedges.

red suede shoesSo I took the interwebs to find the perfect pair of red suede wedges… there’s not a huge world of red suede wedges but I had about 5 options within my general price range ($20-$40). I was looking at this Bella Marie pair, this Forever pair (which I almost bought – but reviews about quality were a little concerning), this DREAM PARIS pair (which was a tad too high for my taste), this Nine West pair (the toe was just a little pointier than I was looking for) and finally the winner-winner chicken-dinner… this Laundry by CL pair!

***And in case you’re looking for any color of wedges… those 5 options listed have an array of colors!

I am not in love with how this top is looking today. It’s a pre-pregnancy top and right now with my breastfeeding boobies and its feels a little too snug in the chest. I really wish I had a simple white cotton button up to wear with this outfit… like this one. But for now, what I’ve got will have to do.

Jeans: Old Navy MidRise Rockstar Distressed Jeans (similar)
Top: Express Portofino Top (exact curious about this slim-fit version)
Shoes: Laundry by CL red suede pumps (exact)

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